Personal Design Strengths for Home Makeovers

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Do you have a clear vision for updating your home? Jump, dive or sink into the fun opportunity of personal decorating. Create beautiful decorative spaces that display your taste, lifestyle and clever ideas. Apply your design strengths with passion to make your home a unique, elegant feast of modern style.

Inspiration and Coordinated Style

What inspires your decorating style? Is it a certain look, feeling, color or designer? Put your personal mark on outstanding style for your home. A modern mix of personality and good taste are surefire elements to style your home with energy and elegance. Make your home spaces a personal version of beauty. A coordinated style is your decorative format. Adorn your living areas in a balance of color, finish and style.

Do you get excited about change? Explore the opportunity to decorate your home in a new, unique look of modern elegance. Express a passion for art and color in room spaces. Drum up the ambiance, design and flow of room environments that express the real you through color. Makeover your living spaces with one-of-a-kind home accessories for a creative treatment of elegance.

Choose decorative accents by style, brand, design and price. There are trendy contemporary retail and online stores that carry stylish home accessories. Find beautiful decor accents that update a room interior through color, shape and scale. Decorative finishes such as metal, iron, glass and wood are great elements for modern design strength.

Follow an elegant theme for your home style that builds a new look. Select home accessories that compliment your theme style with impact and originality. Get inspired by modern design when decorating. Decide on an edgy style, soft ambiance or artistic tone when shopping for decorative accents.

Let your living areas be a personal style gallery. Embrace a new change in home decor based on bold color or color contrasts. Count on your style strengths for an imaginative, functional modern design for your home. Make home surroundings stylish reflections of your love for glass, mirror, candles and contemporary furniture. Pour on elegance in your living spaces where style and personality is on display. Mix home accents by design and finish.

Apply your creative ideas for inspiring character, style solutions and personality into your home. Direct an amazing home makeover with the power of your design strengths. Win every time in home decorating with a personal theme of luxury-on-a-budget in rooms that you love.

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