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Security is everybody's responsibility. If we were all security minded, it would be impossible for any crimes to occur without the perpetrators being caught. It is only because certain members of society insist on living as if people aren't trying to rip them off or kill them every second of every day that crime has been allowed to flourish. The solution? Turning your home into a bastion of security.

If you own your own home, a dog can be an excellent home security system, or preferably, two dogs. One little one, to yap the place down if the letterbox so much as creaks in the breeze and a larger dog to drool intimidatingly over what might very well be a human bone.

Of course, even the best of dogs can sometimes fail in its guard duty. Also, guard dogs are frowned upon by law enforcement and that guy who needs to read your meter and doesn't really want to lose a limb doing it. Add to that the fact that a dog that is aggressive to humans needs a very well trained handler, and you're better off without the sort of vicious guard dog you'd be proud to call 'Killer'.

Still, even without the vengeful promise of 300 plus pounds of bite force, your home can be safe. For starters, you'll need one of those delightful fences with the spikes on them. You know, the ones that look as if they could eviscerate a man if he happened to look at them too long. Good fences make good neighbors, and pointy fences make for perforated burglars. Security experts do not recommend solid fences as it is difficult to see through solid stone and that means once an invader has breached the outer barrier, they are free to run amok inside.

Security lights are a cheap and effective way of deterring prowling types as well. There's nothing more annoying that being caught mid prowl by a beam of light that exposes you to the entire neighborhood.

Of course, a home alarm system is a nice touch as well. Preferably one that blares loudly and temperamentally and instantly alerts local law enforcement or the agency attached to your alarm. Silent alarms have their place, but nothing panics a burglar like a blown ear drum. Many burglars are aware of the existence of silent alarms and simply get in and out quickly, leaving law enforcement with very few leads.

If you can't afford that, alarmed window locks are cheap and make a heck of a noise when windows are forced open. Of course, they don't work so terribly well if the glass is simply broken.

Resist the temptation to booby trap your home. More than one homeowner has been charged with manslaughter after booby traps have maimed or killed burglars. There's also the chance that someone you didn't intend to blow up could stumble upon your mined marrow patch.

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