Home Shift: Easy Packing Tips

So, you are off to join your new job? You've planned everything to get settled in the new city. You are going for a budget moving and so you are not in for hiring movers and packers company. What you plan is to hire only transportation service and do the packing yourself. However, whenever you think of this task, you have a headache. Isn't it? But you can make packing an easy task just by organizing the whole activity. For this you'll just need packing supplies, and some time proven techniques that have been enlisted here for you.

Pack one room at a time

If you try to pack the belongings of all your rooms at the same time, you'll get into a mess. Do it one by one. Finish off with a room by packing all its things and labeling the boxes with its content information and which room it is supposed to go. Now start off with another room. This will also help when you unpack the boxes in your new home as you don't have to open all the boxes to set up a single room.

Pack the tit bits in sandwich bags

Screws, bolts and other such tit bits that are the result of disassembling of your furniture and other items can find safe location in sandwich bags. Tape these sandwich bags with the item they belong to. Similarly the remote controls can also be packed with their respective electronic items.

Let the clothes be in dresser drawer itself

In fact, you don't have to pack them, they already are nicely placed in the drawers and don't need new homes in the form of packaging boxes, saving you space at the same time.

Stuff the packing boxes to their full capacity

When the things don't get space to move around, they are safe enough. Pack as many things as you can in box. However, take care that the boxes don't bulge out or curve in after they have been stuffed.

Other useful packing tips

Pack the heavy items in small boxes so that they remain manageable. Its particularly helpful for packing books. Pack the pillows, stuffed toys, cushions etc. in large garbage bags. They can be used as fillers in the trucks which will carry your belongings. They'll ensure that things don't move a lot and no damage occurs on the way.

These were only some tips for easy packing. You can think of such many more tips and make your relocation an easy thing to do.

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Relocating to India 7 years ago

You should also disconnect the refrigerator atleast 24 hrs in advance, so that the compressor has coled down and all the ice has melted

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