Hookless Shower Curtains Classic Styles

If there's one thing that most people cannot stand in the bathroom it's a tatty shower curtain. They start out looking good, but then they start to pull around the rings. When this happens the whole bathroom starts to look tired. Then you have to replace the curtain! This is the second worst thing. There's fiddling involved, and if you don't get it just right you have to start again.

When having a shower unless your curtain is properly weighted it will cling to you, or the shower in odd places and can be almost more trouble than it is worth. It doesn't have to be that way, fortunately. The Hookless Shower Curtain looks good, and is easy to install, and with magnetic weights at the bottom it stays in place even when placed on curved curtain rods. But if you've made your way here, then I expect I'm preaching to the converted!

This article explores some of the classic plainer styles which will look good in almost any bathroom, and on any shower stall. The good news is that all of the shower curtains displayed in this article are available online at Amazon and at eBay at very reasonable prices, so you don't even have to leave the home to buy one for your bathroom.

Double H Hookless Shower Curtain

If you are after a more sumptuous touch then the Double H is a great addition to your bathroom. It comes in plain colors which will match almost any bathroom with ease. The added feature with this shower curtain is the addition of a liner, which snaps onto the shower curtain giving the whole thing extra body. The liner can be taken off to be cleaned, and replaced if necessary. This simple addition will extend the life of an already long-life shower curtain. Not only that it looks good!

This shower curtain would be a great addition for a shower with a larger shower stall in which the addition of a curtain with more body would be an advantage. The two toned look helps to make your room look larger as well.

Hookless Litchfield Shower Curtain

The Litchfield design is great if you are after a solid color, but not a solid texture. It has a subtle jacquard design which gives the curtain an additional point of interest. You have a choice of two colors: white and beige.

Made of polyester it is easy to care for and light without being fly-away. It measures 71 by 74 inches which will fit the majority of modern shower stalls. The hookless design also means that it stacks neatly to one side when you are finished in the shower -the magnets which weight the curtain do a double duty. This curtain would fit most bathrooms effortlessly.

Hookless Vision Shower Curtain

If you want a plain color, but need some light in your shower stall, or wish to see out for whatever reason, the Vision design is just what you need. Because of the clear panel design this shower curtain is made of vinyl rather than the traditional polyester. It has been weighted like the other designs and can be put up and taken down just as easily.

It comes in white and beige which fits into most bathroom decors with ease, being very neutral colors. This adds rather than detracts from the décor of your bathroom. Measuring 74 x 71 inches it will fit most shower stalls with ease. Due to the material this shower curtain has been treated with an anti bacterial agent, so it's easy to maintain. This is a simple and effective design which will look great in most bathrooms.

Hookless Mystery Shower Curtain

If you want some light in your shower stall, but you don't want a vinyl shower curtain in your bathroom then the Hookless also comes in a two tone sheer shower curtain with a panel at the top which lets the light through while maintaining privacy in the shower.

This is one of the most popular hookless curtains in the range and for this reason it comes in a larger variety of colors. White, naturally, but also beige, sage, blue and purple. All are light and airy colors just like the curtain. Even though it is light, it is weighted down by magnets and folds back neatly after use. This shower curtain will look great in small bathrooms, especially, given its sheer texture.

Plainweave Hookless Fabric Shower Curtain

Sometimes what you need is just a plain fabric shower curtain. Nothing fancy, just a curtain that will cover the stall, stay where you want it and repel the water while not sticking to you. This shower curtain, in polyester,  fits all these criteria.

It's light enough so that it doesn't crowd the room. But it also does not take away from the room as it does not draw attention to itself. It enhances rather than takes over. If you want a hookless shower curtain that does all these things, and is in fabric, then the plainweave is just what you need.

PinDot Hookless Vinyl Shower Curtain

If you feel more secure with a vinyl curtain, but still want your shower curtain to be plain, then the PinDot is just what you need. Despite its name it is a plain curtain. It measures the standard 74 x 71 inches, so it will fit all but the largest of shower stalls.

This hookless shower curtain still has all the standard features of the other hookless shower curtains that have been featured in this article. It is weighted, waterproof and will fold back properly for you when you get out of the shower.

This is the last of the featured plain hookless shower curtains. The major and most popular styles have been covered here. There are more at Amazon if you are after more fancy prints to brighten up your bathroom.

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