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Hotpoint Washing Machines are Hot in the UK and they are getting popular in the US currently as well. Although not all of us are familiar with Hotpoint washing machines and appliances, they are simple, high quality washers and many households have already touting them as the best washing machines they have used to date. Of course many are also not aware that Hotpoint is actually a subsidiary of GE. So do not abandon your GE washing machines yet, they are of the same family.

When you compared Hotpoint washing machines with washers from companies such as Samsung or Whirlpool, Hotpoint washing machines are actually pretty plain. But do not let that plain demeanor deceive you, as the Hotpoint washers are actually workhorses in disguise. Hotpoint washing machine spares are also readily available as they are popular machines and you would not need to worry about downtime, should your Hotpoint washing machines breakdown. Spares for your Hotpoint machines should not be a worry for you.

Distinctive Features of Hotpoint Washing Machines

Hotpoint washing machines are feature rich to give you as many options as possible to suit every situation you may face. Whether you have a ton of clothes to wash or just a couple of office wear, you can be sure Hotpoint machines have a option for you to choose from.

Hotpoint washing machines have large capacity and the Aqualtis line of machines can comfortably work on your family’s 8 kg load while the Hotpoint Ultima washing machines can load up to 7kg of wash with no problems. In fact, the Aqualtis washing machines can easily wash a set of bedding for a double bed, two single bed sets and four towels in less than two hours. This is definitely a boon for those of us who lead a busy and active life, and needs to clear our laundry only once a week. There is even 2 fast wash programmes for a quick 30 minutes and 60 minutes wash. And for those who have only a small load to wash each time, a mini load option is also available.

Hotpoint is also well known for their silent washing operations. The Hotpoint machines comes with a specialized motor which operates at a low 47dB noise level during the wash cycle. It is so quiet you may not be aware that it is actually operating. Combine the super silent washing operation with the time delay feature, you can set the washing machine to do the washing while you are at work so that the clothes can be ready when you get back from the office. This way, you will never have to hear the humming of the washing machine no matter how low the noise is.

A Super wash option is available on the washing machines. This option can even take care of those tablecloths after your children’s birthday party mess. Hotpoint washers are also equipped with light, normal or heavy soil options to customize the agitation level and length of time for the perfect wash.

To take care of your wool garments, you have the option to choose the Woolmark Platinum Care which will create gentle agitation at low spin speeds to give the same care as washing by hand. This hand wash wool programme is endorsed by Woolmark so you can be assured that your garments will not be damaged by a Hotpoint machine wash.

To take care of your wool garments, you have the option to choose the Woolmark Platinum Care which will create gentle agitation at low spin speeds to give the same care as washing by hand. This hand wash wool programme is endorsed by Woolmark so you can be assured that your garments will not be damaged by a Hotpoint machine wash.

Hotpoint Aqualtis Washing Machines

The Aqualtis line is the largest capacity washing machines by Hotpoint. The Aqualtis has a large 8 kg capacity and has many specialist programmes to suit different needs. It also comes with the Duvet Cycle which is a special wash programme for duvets, quilts and padded jackets designed to ensure a deep clean without damaged to the padding. You can say goodbye to the dry cleaners when you own an Aqualtis. The Aqualtis also comes with a large door which can let you view the washing cycle and let’s you load and unload with ease.

Hotpoint Ultima Washing Machines

The Ultima washing machine is the choice for those of us who demand style with functions. With slightly smaller capacity of 7kg, the Ultima have all the features of the Aqualtis. The Ultima comes with aluminum finish for that sophisticated touch.

Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machines

The Hotpoint Aquarius washing machines is a good balance of features and size. It is smaller at 6 kg capacity and have all the essential features such as the Super Wash, Woolmark Gold Care and Fast Wash cycles. This is suitable for medium to small sized families.

Hotpoint First Edition Washing Machines

The Hotpoint First Edition Washing Machines are relatively barebones when you compare them to their bigger cousins. The essential features are available but the first edition have much smaller capacities and will not be suitable if you tend to only wash large loads once weekly.

Hotpoint washing machines are gaining popularity among households in US. The washing machines are feature rich and reliable but if you are worried about using a UK machines and what to do if the washing machines spares are not available when your’s breakdown, you can rest assured that Hotpoint will take care of everything.

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washing machine spares 5 years ago

The above comment is correct, the only think i would add is since the indesit group have brought hotpoint the quality of there products have deteriorated.

Hotpoint Washingmachine Parts 6 years ago

Strangely enough the original Hotpoint washing machine was manufactured in my home town of Llandudno Junction North Wales and the company provided local labour to the surrounding area for nearly 30 years. The company then moved their manufacturing plant about 10 mile up the coast road to Boddelwythen. The factory was eventually sold out to Indesit Company who then prompted to close the factory down. A devasting loss of over 500 hundred jobs to the local community. To this day I still service Hotpoint washing machines in my local area and still have a thriving community on my repiar blog supplying hotpoint washing machine spare parts. Join in

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