How Do I Find Out Who Owns A Property Free?


How do I find out who owns a property?  It’s not that hard to do, and it can generally be done for free.  Best of all, you can figure out ownership for a certain house without leaving the comfort of your own home, in many cases.  This makes the search much easier.  Who owns that house?  If you want to figure it out, use one of these methods.  Then, you won’t need to ask, how do I find out who owns a property again.

Tax Roll

These days, the amount of taxes charged on a home is considered to be public record.  This means you can find out who owns a property free of charge, many times online.  Since many cities and counties are now posting their tax roll info online, you can figure it out in a matter of minutes.  It’s how to find out who owns a property.  Please remember, however, the home doesn’t belong to renters, so finding their names, if being rented, won’t do you any good.  Simply search you county or city’s website to see if you can determine tax info online.

Please realize that if you cannot find out who owns a property free online, you may be able to head over to your local courthouse to get answers. The treasurer’s office will generally be able to help you determine land or home ownership, so you know who it belongs to.

Search Engines

Consider simply entering the address into a search engine to find out who owns a property.  If the city or county has the info online and you just weren’t able to locate it, you may be in luck.  In addition, any online papers that may have advertised the address may show you who it belongs to.  I was able to locate my home this way, but I had to sift through a lot of results.

Knock and Talk

Knock and the door of the house and ask who it belongs to.  Who owns a property?  You can find out by simply asking.  This one takes nerves, but if you want to know bad enough, it may work.  If you have the guts, give this one a shot and you will soon determine who the home belongs to.

Reverse Address Lookup

Be careful if you use reverse address searches to find out who owns a property.  Only certain ones are free, so the bulk of them charge a fee for the information.   If you are willing to pay a few bucks, it’s really quick and easy to do.  If not, try the other methods first.

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