How Vines Can Ruin a Home

Ivy has taken over this chimney causing major damage to the chimney cap, the chimney flashing, the roof, and the siding of this house.
Ivy has taken over this chimney causing major damage to the chimney cap, the chimney flashing, the roof, and the siding of this house. | Source

Creeping plants are a favorite of some gardeners as they can provide a beautiful canopy over a pergola or trellis. However, creeping plants have to be maintained in order to not become destructive to a home. Creeping plants can work between roof shingles, flashing, siding, even mortar. The chimney in this picture has to be re-tuck-pointed (the mortar between the stone needs to be redone) because the ivy has grown between the stones severally weakening the chimney. This ivy is around 7 years old and was very difficult to remove. I used a reciprocating saw and a pry bar to remove the ivy. It took 12 hours to remove all of it from the chimney and siding below. What is really amazing is the amount of damage that this has caused. Here is a list of repairs that have to be made from the ivy crepping into unwanted areas:

Roof: Ruined shingles in a 4'x8' section. Cost to fix = $250

Siding: Ivy has cracked bat and board siding. Cost to fix = $400

Chimney: Ivy has pushed out significant amounts of mortar and completely ruined the chimney cap and flashing. Cost to fix = $1,130

This one plant has cost this homeowner $1,780 because of a lack of maintenance trimming this ivy back. This is yet another great example of how a lack of maintenance on a home can cost thousands if neglected, rather than a few hundred or some time to take care of the issues at hand.

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Terishere 5 years ago

I saw many creeping Ivy while traveling on the interstate through Georgia and some other states. They completely covered trees. It kind of gave me the creeps lol


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