How To Bonsai Tree Care

How to care and nurture your bonsai

The art of cultivation is practiced in China and Japan for many centuries and occupies a special position in the culture of those countries, not only as living sculpture, but also as objects of meditation and interior refinement. The translation of the word "Bonsai" means "tree in a tray", so it is a mature plant, which through successive pruning the roots and crown, remains small enough to live in a vase. The maintenance of bonsai is close to the deal because the plants that live in common vessels. With a little more attention and 20 minutes of your time daily, it is possible for you to start a small collection. Here I provide you some basic rules to take care of your bonsai.

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The location for the placement of vessels depends on the needs of sun and moisture for all kinds of bonsai you have purchased. The ideal place would be a balcony or a window where your bonsai get sun in the morning, offices, air-conditioned environments are usually fatal, indoors, do not put on appliances. The tendency of the buds and leaves have to seek the sunlight may cause imbalance in the shape of the cup bonsai. Avoid it, turning the pot every two or three months, without changing them around because the plants do not like to get from one place to another.

Watering and humidity

Irrigation is essential for a healthy bonsai. The intervals between them determine the moisture in the root ball of bonsai. It is the observation and attention, which will determine the interval between the rules. In general, the ideal time to water your plants is very early morning or late in the day, with enough water to leak through the drain hole pot, plate or tray to place, never let water accumulate in the bottom of the pot , that would rot the roots of your bonsai and inevitably drowned or cooked. Do not consider as a spray or sprayirrigation, spraying is beneficial to the foliage, however, never dismiss watering. In places where water has much chlorine should be allowed an open container with water sit for a day or two days before watering your plants. Should there be an accidental drying, water alone may not advance because the land is waterproof,keeping, maintaining a dry clod in the core of the roots. You should then plunge the pot to cover the whole earth for a maximum of 10 minutes. Travels with more than two days will be fatal. Remove them from the sun and let someone you trust responsible for watering. Where possible group plans to improve moisture conditions.

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Keep the initial shape of your bonsai, removing the branches and buds that will grow much, in general, when the branch reaches ten pairs of leaves, reduced to two or four pairs according to the desired design. The pruning of the canopy is very important for the health of the bonsai, you must create negative spaces among the branches and twigs for the sun to penetrate inside the tree. If you have to wire your bonsai, make sure it is not cutting the cortex(bark) of a branch, if necessary remove it with pliers to cut wires.DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONDUCT THE WIRE, MAY FROM THE TWIG.
Important: Some plants lose their leaves in autumn, do not despair, it is a time to work it.

Bonsai is a tree that by living in a vessel where there is little room for their roots, you need fertilizers. In the period from spring to late summer the plants are absorbing nutrients, so this time, an interval of 15 or 20 days must apply a liquid fertilizer , you should also put some kind of solid fertilizer of slow decomposition,with little nitrogen. Look out for pests and diseases, making preventive maintenance every 30 days, you will avoid problems,use an abnormality occurring insecticides like Dymy Ready, or some other similar. Separate your other bonsai plants.

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Zsuzsy Bee profile image

Zsuzsy Bee 5 years ago from Ontario/Canada

Thank you for sharing. I have tried many times and successfully killed my specimen in very short amount of times. I just love them so maybe I will give it one more try. I'll come back to your hub many more times.

regards Zsuzsy

Nelma profile image

Nelma 5 years ago from Brazil Author


Ill tell a secret: in the beginning everybody do it. Hapens to everybody. Just continue in your path with lots of pacience. Study and learn a lot and soon you will find how to deal with them. Ill make a series about this theme. Stay tuned and always make a question if in doubt ok? Nice to meet you.


Ruchira profile image

Ruchira 5 years ago from United States

Bonsai, sure is a wonderful plant but unfortunately needs an art to take care of it. I still have to learn it.

Thanks for this informative hub...Voted up!

Nelma profile image

Nelma 5 years ago from Brazil Author

Hi Ruchira,

I agree. It takes a lot of study and pratice to know exatly how to care your Bonsai. I have a dozen, and they are like pets for me. But is a passion, and I do love them.

Thanls for the comment and vote.

Cheers from Brazil!

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