How To Cut Thermalite Blocks


If you are considering working with Celcon blocks or have already ordered some, then you will pleased to know that these blocks are extremely easy to work with. They are completely hard wearing and take serious pressure before crumbling. Celcon blocks give you something that a concrete block doesn't - flexibility. It also gives you something that a breeze block doesn't give - and that is 1) more strength, 2) doesn't soak in the water - stays stronger for longer.

How to Cut a Celcon Block

If you are going to need to cut your celcon blocks then you might be feeling a little bit apprehensive about how difficult it might be. Well don't be! because cutting celcon blocks really is very simple, and much easier than cutting throgh brick. The reason for this is because the block is aereated. In fact the best way to cut a celcon block is to do so using a normal hand saw. You will probably be amazed at how easy it cuts through the block - it really is twice as easy as cutting through most ordinary woods. If you are not worried about the finish of your blocks and the appearance, then you will be better off simple using a hammer and chisel. Literally knock the chisel where you want the block to snap, give it a couple of hits and you will see it break off nicely.

What can you do with celcon blocks?

Celcon blocks are used for all kinds of things, including building houses, garages and fish ponds. Their strength makes them a possibility for most types of work, and the ease of use is second to none.  Therefore it is safe to say that you can do pretty much whateveryou like with Celcon blocks.

How much do they cost?

A celcon block costs around £1 per block on average per 100 blocks. However the more blocks you buy, the more you should expect the price to drop. Tradesman would be likely to pick these up at no more than 50 pence per block.

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