How To Design a Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen is typically a narrow, hallway-like space with cabinets lining the walls and appliances placed in the usual triangle work configuration, or lined up against one wall. Galley kitchens may or may not have a wall closing off the area at one end. Regardless of the basic layout, galley kitchens are a functional layout that with a little tweaking, can be beautiful as well as practical.

Appliance size and location within a galley kitchen is critical. Usually appliances in any kitchen are placed in a comfortable work zone, the most sensible one being a triangle. This configuration helps to save steps around the room when you are working in the kitchen. It allows for an easy traffic flow in the kitchen area. The only drawback to this type of configuration is that when one appliance is open, it may block the traffic flow in a small kitchen. Keep this in mind when designing your space. Another practical option is to place all appliances along one wall, thereby eliminating the risk of impeding walking space or disrupting traffic flow. Look at the size of appliances to be installed as well, a large refrigerator may simply take up too much space in a galley kitchen. Likewise a dishwasher with a pull out drawer feature may function better for you than a traditional pull down door dishwasher. Take measurements carefully where you want to put your appliances and pick accordingly. Stainless steel or white appliances will create a more spacious feel than colors like black or brown.

Light toned cabinets and flooring will definitely create the look of a more open space. Darker colors on the floor and cabinetry will add an air of elegance and warmth. It all depends on your personal taste. Glossy finishes in a galley kitchen will help to reflect light. This can be achieved with a semi-gloss paint applied to the walls.

Outfit cabinets with extra features such as built-in cutting boards, lazy Susans, spice racks and garbage can inserts. All of these features will help to save space and improve function. Remove old hardware from cabinets or opt out of elaborate hardware on new cabinets. Use magnetic catches instead to keep the cabinets closed.

Create a light-reflective backsplash above your counters with mirrored or stainless steel tiles. Look for these in most home improvement centers. Mosaic tiles also offer a beautiful alternative with a range of colors and designs, many feature shiny surfaces that help to add light to a room.

For extra storage, take advantage of the space above your cabinets. Fill with baskets, and store lesser used items in the baskets, such as extra cutlery, or off season items like picnic items or holiday dinnerware.

Add pendant lighting to your galley kitchen. Many pendant light fixtures have a main fixture that screws into the ceiling with a string of pendant lights spanning out from the main fixture. Single pendant lights look great over the stove if you have space as well as over the sink. A beautiful, single pendant light can become a focal point in a galley kitchen. Pick one in your favorite, vibrant color to make a visual statement.

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