How To Find a Reputable HVAC Contractor

In order to properly maintain your home heating and air conditioning system you have to use a qualified and experienced HVAC contractor. Looking in the phone book or through online searches is one way to find the right one, but it can be more reassuring to find one through recommendations from friends or relatives. Remember, you are putting one of the most expensive items in your home in their hands, so you want to know you will get what you pay for.

The time to look for a qualified service company is before you need service. At four in the morning on any icy winter night you may simply have no choice. However, if you take the time before they are needed, you have a better chance of receiving quality service. Unless you are willing to put the time and effort into finding the right contractor for your home HVAC repairs, you can’t be certain of the level of service you will receive.

You might also want to check the references of the contractor you are considering, but when they give you a few names of previous customers, don’t take their word for it. Call the reference and ask if they really did use the HVAC contractor and if so, were they happy with their work. Was the job completed in the time promised and at the estimated price? More importantly, would they recommend them to close friends and family? Knowing that if they do recommend someone that isn’t reliable, it will come back on them and they will usually provide an honest reference.

Before hiring any contractor there are some things you need to consider:

Look into how long they have been in business and the type of experience their technicians have. A company can only brag about the number of years of experience they have based on the number of years of experience their technician has. Yes, the owner may have been around for 20 or 30 years but if the technician they send to your home is in their first week on the job, you may not receive the quality of service you were hoping for.

You will want the HVAC contractor to be familiar with the brand of unit you have in your home. It may be best if they handle the brand regularly and makes it more likely their technicians have been factory trained on the brand. This can provide a higher level of service and make it more likely to receive top quality care. It may also provide a resource for you if the contractor fails to provide the service you expect. Calling the manufacturer may be another avenue to achieve redress if something goes wrong with your unit.

You will also want to check the credentials of any contractor you are considering before they start work. Most states require licensing of HVAC contractors to protect homeowners from unscrupulous companies. They should also have adequate insurance coverage to protect you from damages that might result from any mistakes they make. Checking with the local Better Business Bureau can also provide information about any complaints the company may have against them to help you make the choice of which contractor to call.

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hvacunits 4 years ago from Longview, TeXas

Great Hub thanks:

Hope you check mine out on hvac coils. I voted u up called your Hub awesome am following you and I shared it with Digg and others.


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Better Yourself 4 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks Jen! Checked out your hub, left a comment :)

Lyla Burns 4 years ago

I didn't think it was going to be this hard to find a hvac orland park il contractor, that's good and reasonably priced. Now that I've gotten a lot of info from friends and neighbors I'm hoping to narrow it down and hire someone quickly. Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely be using these as well.

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