How To Fix Blemishes/Scratches On Furniture

Dealing With Blemishes On Furniture

After working on some new custom furniture, or even old furniture, or you just purchased a new piece. you sometimes come across a scratch, or stain that just bothers you, and you want to hide it and/or fix it. Well, this method works well with small stains and works wonders on light scratches.

Sand the spot with 180 or 220 grit wet/dry sandpaper and stain. Apply matching stain to the wood and also to the sand paper; then sand the area in the direction of the grain. Wipe and repeat to remove the spot. User longer strokes to feather out the area if needed.

After the wet sanding, the glue spots are erased. This process also works wonders on scratches. You'd be surprised of the outcome.

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