How To Get Rid Of Flies In The House

Getting Rid of Flies
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Getting Rid of Flies in the House

Flies are a menace inside the house and you will be interested to know how to get ride of flies in the house. You will be amazed to know that there are more than 85,000 known species of flies in the world. They are real nuisance inside or outside the house and they should be rid of completely as they are potential carriers of many disease-causing bacteria.

Flies are known to transmit disease causing bacteria, viruses and many types of parasites that cause diseases like

  • Yellow fever
  • West Nile Virus
  • Malaria
  • Diarrhea
  • Food Poisoning
  • Cholera etc

Due to these reasons it is always necessary to find out how to get ride of flies in the house and for this there are some of the effective ways that you can do it yourself. They hare hard to catch as they can fly fast and you have to use some of the mechanical, chemical or other means of killing them.

Some of the effective ways of achieving this are as follows:

  1. Install screens outside the windows to prevent them from coming into the house from outside
  2. Seal cracks - sealing of cracks in the wall or window panes and other areas through which the flies may crawl from outside will prevent them entering your home
  3. Store food properly – never keep food open and always store them properly especially sweets and smelly ones as these easily attract flies into your house
  4. Remove trash frequently- decaying food debris, organic matters that are left to rot in the open are the best ways of inviting flies into your home. So, do not let this happen and remove trash frequently so that no decaying matter is left inside the home
  5. Clean your home frequently- flies have great liking for unclean surroundings that are full of foul smelling and decaying materials so clean all parts of your home especially the damp areas so that the files do not have a place to thrive inside the home.
  6. Aerosol insecticides are another way to your question of how to get ride of flies in the house and these are very effective in driving them out of your home and killing them easily.
  7. Glue traps are another way of catching the files that are wandering inside the home and these sticky patches must be placed at places where the flies are hiding inside the home
  8. Insecticide sprays specially formulated for attracting and killing flies are available in the market and these will be active at least for a week after they are used and during this time they will continue to kill the flies
  9. Light traps are the ones that attract flies with their brilliant light and kill the flies either by electric power or by using glue traps to catch and kill them
  10. Fly baits are very effective ways that you will find in your search to find out how to get ride of flies in the house and these can be used in garbage cans, on and near the excess garbage, and in other areas where the flies live in your home. These toxic materials can easily kill the flies and prevent them from multiplying.

These are only a few of the ways to use while you want to find out how to get ride of flies in the house. If you are not able to get rid of them in spite of using them then you have to call for professional help to get the services of a pest exterminator and you will be happy to have known how to get ride of flies in the house in an easy and healthy way.

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