How To Get Rid Of Mold in the bathroom or in a hidden area.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips: How to Kill Mold & Remove Lime and Water Stains

Mold Can Cause All Kinds Of Problems

If you find yourself sniffling and sneezing especially during the wintertime you may very well be having an allergic reaction to mold in your home. Start out by doing a mold patrol with a good flashlight. Look for mold in damp areas and when you find it spray it with your white vinegar. White vinegar will work as good or better than any of the products sold to control mold in your home and the really great thing about white vinegar is that it is completely natural and safe. If you have only a small mold problem you can easily control it with vinegar.

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White Vinegar Is The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Mold.

White Vinegar Is The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Mold.
White Vinegar Is The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Mold.

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Black Mold a little mold turns out to be A LOT

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Ways To Get Rid Of Mold

Good old plain white vinegar is the easiest way to get rid of mold there is. Sure it smells strong but in no time at all you can have a mildew , mold free surface or area. And the really great thing about vinegar is that its perfectly natural and won't harm anyone or anything. Its also 100 percent pet safe.You can put it in a spray bottle and spray it on mold or mildew and get rid of it almost instantly.

Carpet is going to be your biggest challenge when getting rid of mold but here there is a great solution also. Simply sprinkle baking soda onto your carpets heavily and let it set for an hour or so. Then just vacuum it up.

You can spray vinegar on your dish drainer and drain board and other places that mold grows on a regular basis. Let it set there for a hour or so and wash it away. All your areas will stay mold free.

You can spray your shower curtain , bathroom sink and bathtub with vinegar and get rid of any mold there. You can run your bathtub full of cold water and add a quart or so of white vinegar and let it set for a hour or two. When you let the water out the mold will be gone also. You can do the same with sinks.

If you end up with shower curtains with mold growing on it or them simply place the shower curtain or curtains into your washing machine and add 2 cups of white vinegar to the water along with your usual detergent. Run the washing machine thru a wash cycle and the mold will be gone. Just hang your shower curtain back up wet. You can wash it this way about once a month and it will remain mold free. Mildew is easily removed this way also.

Mold On Bathroom Walls

Mold On Bathroom Walls
Mold On Bathroom Walls

More Tips About Mold Removal

You can use an ionizing air filter or purifier to remove mold spores and other pollutants from out of the air. But you want to make sure to keep the filters in the device clean at all times. You want to check them every 24 to 48 hours. If possible take them outside to wash them off so you don't reinfect the air around you with mold spores.

Always remember that mold can cause indoor air quality problems for you and your family. Insurance companies and homeowners are having real problems with toxic molds and black mold. Just think about all the mold problems they are having in New Orleans now. Caused by all the water from the hurricanes.Its important to remember that mold needs water or damp areas to grow. When you can remove the water problem and your mold problems will go away. You can use a dehumidifier in a damp area to take the water out of the area. Just remember to empty its collection tank often because it can fill up fast. So fast it will have you wondering where all the water came from. So check the collection tank often as the tank can fill up in only a few hours. Moisture control is the key to controling mold in interior spaces.

Mold Clean Up And Removal

If you have a area of mold like in the picture below behind the door it's a easy clean up drop. You may want to wear a mask or get someone else to do it especially if you are highly allergic to mold. If not just follow these steps.

1. Scrub the area down with a good scrub brush with plenty of soapy water.

2. Rinse the area off with a dry rag or rags and then spray the area heavily with white vinegar. Allow the area to dry overnight.

3. You can now repaint the area and it should remain mold free. But remember if you have a high moisture area you need to find ways to remove some of that moisture in order for your area to remain mold free.

If you have a really damp bathroom as we did in the basement you may want to put a small to medium size dehumidifier in the bathroom to keep the moisture down. And again be sure to keep the water collection tank empty.

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Mold Behind Door In Bathroom.
Mold Behind Door In Bathroom.

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So do you have mold problems? Have you tried to control or get rid of it with white vinegar? Please Do Not Post Any Links Here. 61 comments

BARAGS 4 years ago

I have a strong mildew odor in one of my bedrooms over the crawlspace. I had the crawlspace checked and no mold in sight nor in the bedroom. Any suggestions? I had cancer several years ago and don't want any other health problems. Don't know what to do. Thank You

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 4 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Thanks for all the comments.

But please never post any links here of any type. We will never approve links of any type so please do not post links here. Thank You.

Karin 4 years ago

I have mold growing on the outside (and probably inside) of my A/C vent system in my garage. My heating system is based off my hot water heater so this is what I think is causing the mold. I'm going to try to spray it with the white vinegar on the outside to see if that works. If so, I'll try and get some inside. Hopefully that will work in the short run. I really need to replace my heating system with a furnace.

Carolyn 4 years ago

Jane, you stated that the mold in your bathroom was there when you moved in two years ago, and you can't seem to get rid of it. I strongly suggest that you move. If you absolutely HAVE TO STAY THERE, you must use the vinegar treatment DAILY. A little bleach from time to time won't hurt.

FUNGI 4 years ago



sam 4 years ago

just tried it really great C.L.R didn't even work but as soon as i started spraying vinegar it started coming right off thanks for the tips...:)

jane 5 years ago

we have another moulds growing under the heater, we don't use it cos the heater is very old and very dusty inside, now i have to save my energy and start spraying the moulds with dettol mould and mildew spray(sigh), i cant wait to move out from this place im worried about us getting sick and i have a small child. cant wait for summertime.

jane 5 years ago

we have moulds growing in our small studio flat it really bothers me, it gives me work it does keep coming back sometimes i don't have the energy to clean it immediately when it comes back but i have to cos it will only spread and gives me more work or make us sick. i use dettol mould and mildew spray it does work in our wall but the smell is quite strong it doesn't work much in the shower cos its been there before we moved to this place and that was 2 years ago.

davesnell profile image

davesnell 5 years ago from 5437 Cedarmint Drive, Charlotte, N.C. 28227

Really thankful for sharing such a great tips on getting rid of mold. Its been a great help.

midnightbliss profile image

midnightbliss 5 years ago from Hermosa Beach

got to try this one. i have mold problems in my room under one of my built-in closet. that i don't know how to get rid of.

Annette 5 years ago

If you have mold there is moisture or dampness in the area. I wouldn't turn on an electric heater that's near the mold until I found the source of the mold (the moisture) and remedied the situation.

Joseph Flemming 5 years ago

We have a heater connected to the wall. The heater has not been turned on in a while. Mold started growing on top on the wall, and under the heater. There is a 3 month old baby in the house, and we are switching rooms for this reason. We are using white vinegar to clean off the walls. But im not sure if its safe to turn on the heater, it is old and i don't know if its safe to turn it on. Does any one have any advise?

Mrs.White Jr. 5 years ago

hey me and my husband left for like a month when we got back to our apt it had flooded and everything had mold on it and i need to get rid of the mold on everything walls floors wood clothes shoes everything even the bed and i need to know how to get rid of it fast!???? please let me know what i could do

jackie 5 years ago

i have mold problems in my appartment i tried everything to get rid of it nothing works what do i do

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

Hiya, just came over to say thanks! my friend was looking on the internet to find out how to get rid of mold in their holiday caravan, and it was yours they were reading! lol! great info, and very helpful, cheers nell

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 5 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

The Black Mold is the most dangerous especially to young children , older people and especially to people with allergic reactions to mold. You should do everything possible to get rid of mold inside your home.

Lorna 5 years ago

Hi. We have pink paper in our bedroom but have been smelling a fusty smell of late. It's nowhere else in the house. I was going lad cleaning and could never get rid of it. I discovered green fuzz on the wallpaper and it's starting to peel from the wall. On e you move the paper away there are small black dots on the wall. I will try the vinegar.

IS green mould easier or harder to get rid of and what so you suggest?? Tear down the wallpaper?? Which is also more harmful???


Matty b 5 years ago

We have mold on our ceiling in the bathroom. Thinking of installing a fan. Will that help??

profile image

lauralee19780 5 years ago

I tore up a quilt that had been destroyed by mildew. I washed it first and it shredded and still smelled of mildew so I tore it to try to salvage anything I could but the next day I was covered in hives. That has been a week ago and they still haven't stopped. I was wondering if there could still be mildew spores in the air and, if so, would spraying white vinegar in the air kill it?

Thanks, Laura

sharon 5 years ago

I h ave removed carpet which have some molds and replaced with tile. Test house,mold spores in air conditioner unit and poor air quality. I have clean,spray with bleach and other mold cleaner. Does a UVC lights work?

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 5 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Try cleaning the rubber ring with white vinegar. Clean it wait 2 hours and clean it again.

Gelena 5 years ago

Hello, my question: how would you suggest to get rid of mold in the front-loading washer rubber ring? Bleach and other special products do not help since mold has "roots" as I understand, and rubber is porous...

Also, if I start washing moldy things in my washer..... pretty sure it'll get completely moldy as well!

Hanson 5 years ago

Does salt solution kill molds?

Sister Ferguson 5 years ago

I have PINE CEDAR PANELING all over my home and mold mildew has come through the slits? now what to do, shlack it over then paint it after sprayin in slits? Thank you.:O

Trista 5 years ago

I have white mold over 30% of my basment floor. there is no carpet or anything down there, its only cement. Should i use baking and vinegar? or is that too much?

Mandy 5 years ago

How long will it take for the mold to completely go away? and how many times should i spray vinegar a day?

worriedmom 5 years ago

Thanks for your quick response ! I have been washing and drying up all affected fabric. The mold is not very high but I had kept all windows & doors closed and that aggravated the situation.

About my son's health. He has been having intermittent fever/cough over the past 40days and has been under doctor's care. And I had him examined again after the mold discovery in the house. He is getting better now.

I have one question -- Should I use only distilled white vinegar or are 1. Synthetic White vinegar 2. Non-fruit white vinegar good enough to rid off mold?

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 5 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

You need to wash and dry the pillows and anything cloth and either dry them on the clothes line or in a dryer. If you have that much mold I would take my son to a doctor if that is at all possible. Mold can make you very sick and can even be fatal in some cases.

worriedmom 5 years ago

My house is infested with mold (black) in some areas and in some areas a whitish green. The black mold is in bathrooms/lofts and the whitish green on clothes/doors/footwear etc. Can I use white vinegar on all of this? and after spraying do I have to sun dry all the clothes/pillows or is it enough if I dry them by using the ceiling fan? It is monsoon season in the city I live and the Sun is barely out. Also would you know about fungus created in non-ionizing radiation area? My son is severely unwell with cough/fever/cold for 40days now and we discovered the fungus problem last night. Appreciate your quick reply.

AJ 5 years ago

Thanks a lot for advice using vinegar, I was thinking of bleach, but I think the vinegar is a lot safer.

Sun-Girl profile image

Sun-Girl 5 years ago from Nigeria

Very interesting and informative hub you really shared in here and am greatly informed and educated after reading this piece of work.In fact it serves as an eye opener to me.

monica 5 years ago

sould I dilute the vinegar before using it on the shower tiles?

profile image

massie6153 5 years ago

I also bought the air-it-out shower hooks. They work great! I used to scrub with baking soda and constantly wash the shower curtain. It's great just using the hooks to drape the curtain over. It really does eliminate the moisture and keep it from clinging to the sides and getting all gross! I also got a free shower curtain with it. the site is

good luck.

Mold Treatment 6 years ago

Your post are true. as seen, having a mold problem result to different illness and stop your world to keep going and messing your life.

kaseychandler 6 years ago

just to clarify, baking soda is good for scrubbing anything in the bathroom. To keep the shower area clean tho definitely use the non-toxic air-it-out shower hook mentioned earlier. It's basically a suction cup with a hooked tube on it to pull the middle of the shower curtain away from the tub siding after you're done showering. This lets air underneath it to help dry out the area and voila!! It destroys molds breeding ground and stops it before it starts. they have this and other good ideas so yeah save yourself some hassle!!!

Kasey Chandler 6 years ago

I've had the same problem with mold in the shower and especially on the curtain. I was reluctant to use harder chemicals that make the bathroom smell like a swimming pool but i was also tired of having to replace the curtain so often.

After looking around for awhile, I found a type of hook that lets the shower dry out faster and keeps the shower cleaner for longer. This turns out to be a preventative measure to shower mold, which is better in my opinion than trying to clean it up after it's already started. I've been using it for almost three months and the curtain still looks really clean! I bought two of the hooks for every shower in my house and they gave me a 20% discount. You can find it at

Hope this helps!

iainprice65 6 years ago

I have a problem with mold it is in are conservatory but only on one side of the room the end wall is about 4 feet underground it has a window it has an air vent on left hand side this has a window with small opening at top and a set of french doors the mold is in the left corner and and down the left side. there is a rad on the right hand side would a air brick help? and if so where to put it.

Regina 6 years ago

We had a problem with mold in our sons room before he came home from the hospital. He has health problems that can cause him to be hospitalized at any time. We found that if we bleached the walls (top to bottom even if it didn't need it in that area) and then used Kilz (a paint). We then painted over the Kilz with the color of our choice and have yet to see anything return. It's been over a year. Normally, we see it showing up way before then but nothing so far. Good luck all.

Les Trois Chenes profile image

Les Trois Chenes 6 years ago from Videix, Limousin, South West France

I use bleach to get rid of mould but vinegar is much more atractive. Does it have to be white? I've got wine vinegar and in France they have a pale brown vinegar that they sell for cleaning. I'm going to try that and then get back to this hub with results.

Angela 6 years ago

Hi! Thanks so much for the information! We just bought a house at an auction, but it has a mold problem in the basement. It appears that there was a leak from an upstairs bathroom, and because it was closed up for so long without being fixed, there is a bit of mold in the basement! Here is my question....we don't know off hand if it is simply surface mold, or if it has gotten into the walls. We tend to think surface mold but not sure, will using the vinegar be a sufficient remedy? If it has gotten into the walls for some reason, how should we take care of that?

Daney Dumdeang 6 years ago

Thanks for your best advise..I used the white veneger alot to clean but i did not know that it is helpful to clean mold until I read your advise..i have tenant cleans with brach but not get rid ofit now i will take actionmyself..i am sure the problemwill solve.


again for your education me.


crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 6 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Clean the mold with white vinegar and if you've stopped the moisture problem the mold will not come back.

SD 6 years ago

I have been given a travel trailer which had a leak. The leak was repaired and kitchen floor replaced. I haved cleaned all hard surfaces. (note this is my only home now) I am now cleaning soft surfaces. My question is what can I do about the inside of walls? Will the mold in those areas die?

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 6 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Thanks for all the great comments. White vinegar can work wonders. With stubborn mold you may need to take a brush to it along with the white vinegar.

Pat 6 years ago

We had a room in the basement of an old house we had bought that had no drain. Mold formed on the paneling and inside the walls, ceiling, everything. I am allergic to mold and we had to hire a company to clean that room and tear all the woodwork out. It cost us $3500.

We have a small amount of mold around our garage doors now that I was going to treat with bleach, but glad I came here and found that vinegar will work.

emma 6 years ago

I have a mold problem in my travel trailer and its green,white black and has a little bit of the fuzz. How would I get rid of it? One of the walls is already gone and i wiuld like to have someone else's opinion please.

Frank Como 6 years ago

hey, has anyone ever heard of i want to treat my house with the method of using electrical heat to kill off all the mold, but i don’t know if it’s any good. can someone help me??

jim smith 6 years ago

has anybody had any success treating an entire house with heat to get rid of mold? because rather than chemicals i would like to treat the whole house rathar than a room or two, just to be safe.

Anoni 6 years ago

I would attempt the cleaning of the shower walls+grout lines with white vinegar and an old toothbrush. or new, just don't brush your teeth with it! :P

electricsky profile image

electricsky 6 years ago from North Georgia

Thanks for your advice I will try it.

McKenna 6 years ago

I have taken up a closet carpet and found mold in a small area. On the other side of the closet is the bathroom. The leak was from an old bathtub problem that was fixed but they forgot about the small closet. The sub floor is black about six inches along the base board. Do I just treat the wood with vinegar or does it have to come out?

jjmyles profile image

jjmyles 7 years ago from Pacific Northwest

Excellent article on removing mold.

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 7 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

The white vinegar works great. In fact I showed a friend how to remove mold from her shower wall using it tonight.

Debbie 7 years ago

Has anyone ever tried the white vinegar on the shower walls and if so did it work?

Debbie 7 years ago

Has anyone ever tried the white vinegar on the shower walls and if so did it work?

miss 7 years ago

How do you get rid of it when its behind the walls or in the wood?

renter 7 years ago

my residence has mold as the slum lord never cared to have the building built to code. i struggle with mold and am desperate to find the perfect thing to get rid of the smell. its so embarrassing i cant' even have people over.

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 8 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

No I just used it on a dark carpet and then I used a rental carpet shampooer on the carpet and I had no stains.

borderbear 8 years ago

Hi, would the baking soda leave stains on a dark carpet?

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 8 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

You could try it on a small spot on the wallpaper. Maybe in a hidden spot behind a piece of furniture or low in a corner. It should work fine.

i hate mold 8 years ago

does this work for wallpaper too?

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