How To Grow Blackberries

Delicious Blackberries
Delicious Blackberries

Why should you grow blackberries? Maybe because they are delicious, healthy, nutritious, and very importantly - easy to grow. So why shouldn't you grow them? Blackberries are definitely one of the most beneficial fruits to include in anyone's diet.

They have delicious earthy, wine-like taste, they are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, and packed with antioxidants, which as we know, are fighters of free radicals. Blackberries are actually among the top ten foods that carry the most antioxidants. They are also low in calories, if you care about such things. Did I mention they are easy to grow. Maybe even too easy.

Growing Blackberries

Blackberries grow so easily they are actually considered an invasive plant. If you want to grow them in your garden, just make sure that you're careful and not grow them in areas where they can take over. The best way is to grow them is up against a fence. This way they'll be easy to control and much easier to pick.

Blackberries do best in full sunshine. They prefer full sunlight and good drainage. Standing water is not good for them. The best time to plant is spring. They are very easy to start, they don't even need a root. All you need is a cutting. You just stick it in the ground and watch it grow. Yes, it's that simple.

Blackberry will produce berries for decades. All you need to do is get to them before birds do.

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