How To Replace an Electrical Outlet

Photo A
Photo A
Photo B
Photo B
Photo C
Photo C
Photo D
Photo D

How to Replace and Outlet 110 Volt

First thing to remember is to check to see if the power is off. The easiest way to do that is to plug something into the outlet and see if it is on. You can also buy an inexpensive meter to put in the outlet to see if it is on. If it is on then find the fuse/breaker box and turn it off. Remember this is a shock hazard.

1 Remove the center screw. See Photo A

2 Remove the top and bottom screw See Photo B

3 Gently pull the outlet out of the box See Photo C

4 Remove the Green Wire Witch is the Green One. See Photo C

5 Remove the White Wire Which is a Neutral wire too. See Photo C

6 Remove the Black Wire which is the Hot Wire. See Photo D Some time if it is in the middle of a circuit then there will be 2 white wires and 2 black wires. That is because the other set goes to the next item in the circuit.

7 Reverse the procedure to replace.

8 Turn the power back on and check.

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