How To Save Money On Commercial Laundry Equipment

Save Money By Laundering On-Site

Those towels, robes and other linens just seem to accumulate don't they? Instead of sending them offsite to be cleaned or popping out to the Laundrette, this hub explains how handling your laundry in-house is a great way to minimise cleaning costs and have your linens ready on-site whenever you need them with your in-house commercial laundry equipment.

In-House Laundry can save Money

If you’re thinking about replacing your old laundry equipment or worried about the mounting costs of outsourcing your laundry needs, salons and spas might be surprised to learn that by installing the latest commercial laundry equipment and handling their laundry in-house significant cost savings can be gained.

Miele Commercial Laundry
Miele Commercial Laundry

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Where To Start

Some of the latest commercial products have programmes designed specifically for salons that consume less water and electricity, complete laundry in less time and cut the amount of labour required.

While installing often cheaper, domestic washers and tumble dryers might seem like an attractive option, if you are fitting out your laundry room, make sure you refer to the European Machinery Guidelines 2006/42/EG which explains that you would be opening yourself up to complaints if you were to down that route.

There are a few things to consider if you are looking for a commercial washer-extractor and tumble dryer to handle your day-to-day laundry requirements:

Choosing Products

The two main considerations when fitting out your laundry room are the size of the products and the time and costs associated with running them plus these factors when choosing a machine:

  • Is space at a premium
  • Choice of machine should keep water usage to a minimum, which is another consideration when weighing up your running costs
  • Considerable savings on both utilities and detergent.
  • Enhance cleaning performance and increase the longevity of your towels and robes.

Industry Example: Having the machines onsite will also make the way you deal with your salon’s laundry so much more efficient. An engineer who installs your products should set up customised programmes, so any staff can take care of the laundry with a simple push of a button.

Leasing v Buying

When refurbing your laundry room the other major consideration is whether you buy all the equipment outright or you might decide to rent or lease it instead. There are advantages and disadvantages in both options.

Most customers who rent equipment do so as they like the ability of being able to assign a daily cost to running their salon, but overall, most decide that the upfront cost would almost certainly be less than what you would pay overall for a lease or hire agreement.

Service Contracts?

If you do decide to purchase equipment outright, you need to consider whether to take out a service contract. In a busy salon, can you afford downtime with your laundry equipment?

Check for three-year Total Protection Plans covering all parts and labour, inspections and repairs by specialist engineers or authorised service dealers.

Spare Parts Guarantee

It’s also worth checking out if the manufacturer offers a spare parts guarantee. You want piece of mind that if something does go wrong that the technician will at least be able to source a spare part.

Bringing your laundry on-site will not only save you money, but give you the ability to control when your linen is available. The flexible cycles and fast drying times means you can adjust your turnaround times and customise the cycles to meet the particular laundry needs facing your hair dressing salon.

Top Tips on Choosing Commercial Laundry Equipment

  • Space: make sure the products you are about to install in your laundry fit and you can get them through standard doorways etc.
  • Energy Efficiency: check how much they cost to run, how much water they use; investing in more energy efficient laundry products is not only good for the environment but will reduce your operating costs in the long run.
  • Service Contract: think about what you are going to do if the machines break down? Weigh up the costs of having a 3-year peace-of-mind contract or call out charges from a local engineer.
  • Look for Advice: not sure what laundry products to install in your salon? Then look for advice the same way you would when buying something for yourself, talk to colleagues and other salon owners to see which laundry products they use and if they have had any problems.

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