How To Select A Breakfast Bar Stool

We all love to go too our local bar or pub and unwind after a long day at work. One of the reasons for this is not just the alcohol or great company but how it makes you feel like an old cowboy perched on the bar stool. Maybe this is why the kitchen breakfast bar is becoming so popular as we all try to recreate our own little heaven in our kitchen. The other reason is probably they are a great way to create more work top space in your kitchen. Accompanied by some breakfast bar stools will also make the space efficient as you can slide them underneath the breakfast bar when not being used. So if you require some breakfast bar stools what choices do you have.

Material Matters

As with all purchases of furniture the material you choose will greatly effect the look and feel of your furniture. Breakfast bar stools come in many types of material from the traditional wooden breakfast bar stool to the modern plastic or stainless steel bar stool. Your budget will have an effect on your choices available to you, but with a little searching you should find a stool from a material you desire. One thing you should consider which material to choose is the situation you are going o be using them. If it is for a commercial use then a wipe clean hard wearing material is essential. The design of the stool should also be able to withstand not only the different sizes and weights of people sitting on them, but  also the wear and tear.

Size and Stability

Your next choice will be the size and number of stools you require. Measure the space available underneath the bar. The bar stool height should leave at least 20 - 30cm gap from to the underside of the bar. Also calculate how many stools can not only be stored side by side in the space available. Ensure you leave a gap between them so it doesn't look cramped and there will be room for peoples legs.

When selecting your stool you should consider the design of the base carefully. The surface the stool will be placed on is very important, as if it is uneven then a three or four legged stool would probably be better than a flat base. If however the stool is being placed on a surface that is not hard wearing or can be indented like wood or vinyl then you should be careful the size of stool feet you choose. A stool with larger feet or a single large base would protect your flooring. There is nothing worse than looking at your new floor to find small indentations all over it like a woman in stilettos has been jumping up and down in your kitchen.


The beat piece of advice when selecting a breakfast bar stool is do your research. Not only on height, size, price and design. But also try to actually get to sit on the stool to see how comfortable and stable they are, as you won't want your customers or family falling off them.


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