How To Select A Storage Jar

We all have a collection of things, be it kitchen ingredients or a pile of various screws we seem to have left over form our latest DIY project. I know you are not supposed to have any left over but you either seem to be short or have too many. So a storage jar in what ever form they come in can be essential to sort those surplus screws for when you are putting together your next DIY project only to find out that they have short changed you a screw.

Storage jars are an essential tool in any household to ensure you stay organised and efficient. Kitchen canisters can be used in kitchens to store ingredients for your baking. Common ingredients that can be stored in jars are sugar, flour, pasta, salt, and pepper. In fact most ingredients suit being stored in a kitchen storage jar. The main requirement for a kitchen storage jar is a lid with an air tight seal to ensure the ingredients or produce can be stored for long periods of time.

That material your storage jar is made from will depend on your budget and style of your kitchen. A common material for storage jars is glass. This has the advantage of being able to see the contents of your jar and is normally not expensive to buy. Glass storage jars come in various sizes and we all look enviously at those large glass sweet jars in your local sweet shop. Although sadly so many of them are being replaced by plastic storage jars. Other material commonly used for storage jars is ceramic. These normally come as kitchen canister sets and are often designed for storing specific ingredients as they have a permanent label. E.g. Flour, Sugar and bread bins.

In recent years and particularly with more modern kitchen designs metal storage jars have become popular. Stainless steel kitchen canisters have the advantage of great look and style and also will not rust. These can be surprisingly light as thin gauge metal can be used to form the canisters.

When selecting your storage jar you need to take into consideration the following questions:

What are you going to store in the jar? You need to make sure your jar is bigger enough to take the amount of ingredients you wish to store and that the time it takes you to use those ingredient the jar will still have kept them in peak condition.

Is this jar solely going to be used to store this? This is more to do with the labelling of the jar. If it is a glass jar maybe you will not need the jar to be labelled. If you are going to just store sugar in the jar then maybe you can buy a kitchen canister already labelled for posterity. These often come a kitchen canister sets.

Where is the jar going to be placed? Make sure the jar fits in the place you wish to put it. Nothing more frustrating than not being able to put your jar in the cupboard you wanted because it is too big.

What type of seal do you require and how easy do you need it to be able to get into? Be it a screw lid or a clasp you need to ensure an air tight seal and one that you can remove easily when required.

Whichever storage jar you end up with selecting the right jar will ensure you get years of benefit from storing the contents in the correct container.


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