How To Use And Clean Your Magimix

The Magimix food processor has been a popular appliance in out kitchen's for the past 30 years. Designed in France the food processor has become a market leader in both design and quality. Renowned for there quiet, robust design they now come in various sizes and colours to suit your requirements and taste. Powered by commercial quality induction motor the Magimix food processor is simple to operate by using only three buttons.

How To Operate

OFF : press this button to switch the machine off.

ON : press this button to process in continuous mode and achieve an even texture.
Ideal for chopping, processing and blending finely, as well as for kneading, beating
egg whites, slicing and grating.

PULSE : press this button for intermittent processing. The machine automatically
switches itself off as soon as you release this button, giving you complete control of the task from start to finish. Ideal for roughly chopping or processing. For preparations such as soups and purées, start by pressing the pulse button, then switch to continuous mode. This way, you will achieve a smoother consistency.

A common mistake people make is they don't understand why the machine will not operate as it is designed with a double failsafe mechanism. The machine will only
work if both the bowl and the lid are correctly locked into position.


Selecting the right accessory for your purpose is essential to  get the most out of your food processor. Magimix food processors come with some accessories as standard depending on your model but others can be purchased separately at a later date.

To get the best out of you kitchen appliance you should always follow the manufactures instruction on cleaning and you will be rewarded with a machine that will give you years of food processing enjoyment.

How To Clean Your Magimix Food Processor

Always ensure your appliance is unplugged before cleaning.
Caution : always handle the blades and discs with care, as they are
extremely sharp.

Always clean your food processor immediately after use with water and washing-up liquid.

Accessories : use a small brush to clean the base of the accessories

Dough blade : Remove the cap for a more thorough clean

Juicer basket : insert the thin end of the spatula into the basket and scrape it to
remove most of the pulp.

Motor unit : wipe with a soft, damp cloth. Never immerse the motor unit in water.

You must follow certain rules to avoid seriously damaging the removable parts :

  • Dishwasher: select the minimum temperature (below 40 °C) and avoid the drying cycle (generally above 60 °C)
  • Washing by hand : do not leave the parts to soak in detergent for too long. Avoid abrasive products (e.g. Brillo pads).
  • Detergents : read the manufacturers instructions to ensure the detergents are compatible with plastic items.

The blades may become blunt if they come into frequent contact with certain foodstuffs (parsley, hazelnuts, etc.). You can sharpen them with a sharpening steel.

Some food such as carrots tend to stain plastic, rubbing with a piece of kitchen paper
and a little vegetable oil will remove most of the staining.

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Jill D'Cruz 5 years ago

The inside of the handle of ny magimiz food procxessor is filthy. How do I get it clean? Doesd the handle detach for this purpose>

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