How You Can Incorporate Stone Into Your Landscape


Many homeowners want their outdoor living space to be an escape to nature with a modern touch. Using natural stone or natural stone tile helps bring these two worlds together, creating a space with a natural feel and a sleek appearance. The beauty of stone is that it offers that direct connection to the natural world but can be shaped, placed and used in a way that conveys a cool and sleek feeling for your front yard or back yard entertainment area.

Tricks of the Trade

Incorporating natural stone or natural stone tile into your landscaping can be a little tricky. The stone or tiles should fit in with the overall appearance of your home. A traditional craftsman style home with a garden wall made of oversized stones can detract from the overall beautify of your home, distracting guests and becoming an eyesore instead of a way to compliment your landscaping. Here are three tricks the pros use to ensure natural stone or natural stone tile enhances a home.

1. Get Local

Choosing stone indigenous to your area offers a number of benefits. First, it can help to keep costs down as it doesn’t have to be imported and is easy to transfer from local sources. Secondly, it ties your home into its natural environment, giving your home an eco-friendly feel. Incorporating local flowers and ground cover plants can add to this environmental style.


2. Think Ahead

Using stone as a way to border and area or as mulch in flower and vegetable gardens is popular, but take care with the type of stone you choose. Limestone, for example, can affect the acidity levels in soil which may wreak havoc on your front flowers or backyard tomato patch. Find out which stones are best suited for placement near plant life and which should be used for walking paths or driveways in order to avoid frustrations with your gardening for years to come.

3. Consider Livability

You may love the look of using tiny pebbles as a natural ground cover, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for your outdoor entertaining space. Take time to think about what you’ll be doing in order to choose the perfect stones or tiles. Larger paving stones, for example, are perfect for spaces where you’ll set up a grill, outdoor eating or space for guests to congregate.

Once you’ve taken the time to consider the practical side of landscaping with natural stone or natural stone tile, you can choose the colors and textures best suited for your home and your lifestyle. One of the greatest things about working with stone is that it’s so flexible in terms of the colors that pair nicely. The style of the stone and how you choose to use it can be a boost for your home’s curb appeal now and in the future if you take the time to understand what works best with the architectural style, local environment and ultimate functionality of the area.

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teaches12345 2 years ago

The bench idea is really nice. We used to live in an area where river rock as easy to obtain. Great ideas here!

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Better Yourself 2 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks teaches12345!

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