How to Brighten Up A Dark Kitchen

A lot of kitchens are small in size, and look even smaller when there is dark paint on the walls and dark cabinets. Dark colors tend to make any room look small, especially in the kitchen where space is often limited. With just a few simple changes, you can make a dull and dark kitchen look bright and new.

Paint the walls a light color. This is a simple strategy that pays off big when it comes to lightening up a kitchen. Choose a pale yellow or soft off-white tone to open up the space. While you are painting the walls, choose an even lighter shade of paint for the ceiling; this will help to draw the eye up and expand the kitchen space visually. Another way to add height to a room is to add vertical painted stripes to the walls.

Transform dark kitchen cabinets by painting them a bright, glossy white. If you like your existing cabinets, or they are actually simply too nice to paint, consider removing the center panel. Replace with a piece of glass or plexiglass, This creates a feeling of space in the kitchen and helps to open up the cabinets. The glass may be etched, clear or even stained glass.

Get rid of all unnecessary items from your countertops and the top of the refrigerator. Consolidate items and place in wicker baskets on the counter, or store them out of the way. Even removing items from the walls can open up a kitchen space and make it appear larger.

Lighten up the floor with a coat of paint if you like the existing treatment. Paint works especially well on wooden floors that have seen a lot of use. Go for an aged and distressed look to create texture and a casual atmosphere. For a new floor, consider the addition of a white ceramic or travertine tile. Black and white linoleum tiles give a classic look, brighten up a room, and are relatively inexpensive while being easy to install.

Add light and bright accessories to brighten up your kitchen. Colorful towels, dinnerware and curtains can all help to make a dark, dull kitchen look more cheerful and spacious.

Lighting is critical in a small, dark kitchen. Add lighting underneath the cabinets to brighten up the counterops. Track lighting is a useful addition in most kitchens and can often be moved along the track at will according to your needs. A funky chandelier placed in the center of a kitchen or over a kitchen island adds a whimsical touch and general lighting for a dark kitchen area.

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