How to Build and Save Money While Building your House

Dream House

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Owning a House

Owning a house is one of those investments that every person needs to make during their life time. Houses are not cheap and you can find many if you look them up on the newspaper or the internet. There are houses for all the tastes, big and small, luxurious and modest, but when you look at their prices, you realize that a house costs lots of money. If you get a loan from a bank or another means you risk being in debt for a long time, so, why not build your own home?

Labor Costs

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Labor Costs vs Material Costs

When evaluating the total costs of a house, you find out that labor costs are higher than materials costs. That is to say that if you hire laborers to build your house, you will be paying more for their services than for the materials used to build your house. An extra cost will be the wage of the architect that makes the planning scheme of your house. In the end, you realize that the house of your dreams will be costing lots of money, probably, more than you originally expected, and the worst part of this is that you risk being indebted for the rest of your life.

Of course, you really don´t want this and what you really need is a reliable idea which leads you to build your house without all the inconveniences previously mentioned. The best that you can do and that is the most reliable is to build your house by yourself. Of course building a house by oneself takes time. Well, you can build your house without neglecting your personal occupations.

You can invest little time in the mornings and evenings during the weekdays and more time on weekends to fulfill this aim. That way, your other occupations will be taken care of without intermission.

Piece of Land

Piece of Land
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Piece of Land of Your Own

The first thing you need is a piece of land where you want to build your house. The more inexpensive ones you can find are those located in rural areas. You won´t have to worry about the services, but one thing that´s very important is that they have access to the main roads of your state.

A piece of land with no services is not much of a problem, since electricity can be obtained using the sun (solar power) to convert the sun´s energy into electricity and as for the drainage, you can build your own septic tank. Once you get your piece of land, and obtain the building permits, you can start building your house.

Types of Houses

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House Plans

The first thing you need is a set of building plans which does not need to be drawn by an architect, but you can easiy draw them on a computer. You can also use paper and pencil to design them. They just need to be as simple as the ones below.

You can also find a set of house plans on the internet, then chose the ones that best fit your requirements. Just make sure that the house plans adhere to amount of money your are willing to spend in the building of your house.

House Plans

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Stone Foundation

Stone Foundation
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House Foundation

Once you have your plans, you know where to start. Every house needs some kind of foundation. A strong foundation that will support the structure. Since this house if going to be a brick house, it needs a strong foundation that can support it. Sometimes, you can find the stones at your own place, but if you don´t, then, buy enough stones, cement, sand and gravel for this purpose.

Make sure that the material is delivered close to where the foundation is going to be built and also have sufficient amounts of water available for this endeavor.

Stone Foundation

Stone Foundation
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Pasting Stones

Pasting stones is not easy at the beginning, but you´ll get enough practice over the first two days of piling and gluing some. Important thing to remember is to use a plumb line so as to build that foundation as straight as possible. Since this house is going to be built on a sloping hill, it needed at least, three feet high from the bottom of the digged ditch to the point where the base of the house is going to start.

House Design Idea

House Design Idea
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Home Improvements

Following the purpose of this endeavor, you can keep redesigning the plans of your house as you wish. If you think that an idea does not fit well during the course of the construction, you can always change it or make little improvements to it. For this, is a good idea to maintain your designs on a file on your computer. That way, you will always make the necessary changes when needed.


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Saving Money

When building the cister for your house, it is a good idea to build it where it can not only be used as a water reservoir, but also as another house implement; for example the stairs.

If you build the cistern close to the house, it can also serve as the stairs to the house. This can save you time and money, as the slab of the cistern can also be the floor to the entrance of your house.

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As stated at the beginning, you´ll only be investing part of your time for the building of your house. So, the building of it will progress slowly, but steadily. An the best part of it is that you may always have the chance to add or leave out little house details you´re not satisfied with.

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crazymom3 2 years ago

Thank you. We have been thinking of doing this and buying the lot is the hardest part.

crazymom3 2 years ago

Its hard to know which lot is actually buildable and what are the issues of building on a sloping hill or lower ground? Etc. What type of house your allowed to place there etc.

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