How to Choose A Claw Foot Tub for Your Bathroom

Claw Foot Tubs

If you are looking for a unique way to decorate your bathroom, consider the addition of a claw foot bath tub. Impart authentic old fashioned style in your bathroom with a vintage claw foot tub. Check antique shops, salvage yards, flea markets and online auction sites for a wide selection. The most common size for a vintage claw foot tub is about 5 feet in length, and is often the cheapest option.While a like-new tub will command a higher price for its perfection, an older tub with nicks and scrapes will be much more affordable. Always consider the cost of refinishing an old tub before you get into a bidding war.

Most claw footed tubs are made from cast iron or acrylic. Traditionalists favor the look and feel of cast iron, with the typical cast iron tub weighing in at roughly 1,000 pounds when filled with water. Take this into consideration when placing the tub in a bath; most homes that are built to code can withstand that weight, but make sure just in case. Acrylic tubs typically weigh between 150 and 200 pounds, but are often much harder to find in a used condition. They also tend to be more expensive.

Finding the appropriate faucet for a claw footed tub may require the assistance of a plumber. Just like the supply lines, drain and overflow, most faucets for a claw foot tub are sold as a separate piece. Some are mounted from the floor, the wall, or on the tub itself. Be prepared to spend almost as much on the faucet and hardware as on the tub itself for the best look and function.

A new or like-new tub will command a much higher price than one that is stained and marred. Superficial damage may be easily repaired however with a few layers of oil-based paint. White is a classic color, or use your imagination and paint the tub to match coordinating colors in your bath.

Claw foot tubs work well in just about any decor style, obviously pairing well in older and vintage style homes. For a dramatic look, a simple, white claw foot tub in an otherwise modern bathroom will make a surprising visual statement and conversation piece. White claw foot tubs are a classic design element that will bring years of enjoyment to your bath and lifestyle.

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