How to Choose the Right Fabricator for Your Marble Countertops

There can be a lot of confusion when looking to hire a fabricator to install your marble countertops and you want to be certain you are getting the person with the right experience and know-how. Installing stone countertops can be an expensive proposition and with the right contractor it can be a worthwhile investment. However, the wrong fabricator can quickly turn the kitchen of your dreams into a nightmare.

How to Start

First things first; before looking in the phonebook or calling any company you may have seen advertised, ask your family and friends, especially if they have marble countertops in their kitchen or bathroom. Ask if they are happy with the finished job as well as their satisfaction with the fabricator during the installation process.


If they can’t offer any recommendations, talk to the folks at the local supplier to see who they might recommend. They work with several contractors and fabricators and may be able to offer some insight about the local companies. You can also contact the Marble Institute of America (MIA) and get a list of their members and accredited companies. Natural stone installers are qualified fabricators and meet the demanding skills and commitment to follow the ethics and code of the MIA.

Free Estimates

When moving onto the selection process, contact at least three companies and ask for estimates on your job. Most companies will provide free estimates but make sure this is the case before you schedule the appointment. When you meet with the company representative, try to explain the look you are going for and don’t forget to ask questions. Ask to see samples of some of their nearby jobs and ask about local references that may be willing to let you visit them and check out the job yourself.

Proof of Insurance

Qualified contractors will have liability insurance as well as worker’s compensation insurance and should be willing to show you proof. Verify the insurance coverage also covers anything in your home that is damaged and not just materials and tools owned by the contractor.

Go Over Your Contract Once More

Once you have settled on a fabricator that you are comfortable with working in your home go over the contract carefully. Make sure everything you have discussed is spelled out in the contract and that there isn’t anything missing. Never sign an incomplete contract. After final perusal of the contract, make sure you understand everything it contains and that you are comfortable with the terms. You should also ask about the anticipated completion date of the project as well as who is responsible for daily and final clean-up of the area in which the work is being done.

Communicate with Your Contractor

Make sure you always have good communication with your contractor and keep in touch with them throughout the project. This way if you have any concerns as the project is going on, or the fabricator has any questions they can be considered before the installation of your marble countertop gets too far along to make adjustments. This also allows you to verify that the job is beginning to look as you had planned and to see if it’s progressing on schedule in order to meet the anticipated deadline.

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