How to Decorate a Bathroom with Brown and Blue

Many bathrooms are begging for the addition of a little color. One of the most popular color combinations is brown and blue. Not only does this color scheme work well in other areas of the home, it fits the bathroom as well.

If you are lucky enough to have a neutral colored floor in the bathroom the addition of colors such as brown and blue will work very well. Beige, white and tan colored floors will coordinate well with brown and blue and offer a neutral backdrop.

Wall color in a bathroom is critical and sets the stage for all other design elements. Paint the walls a soft, soothing, cool blue to set the tone. Most pale and soft blues pair well with brown, tan or white flooring.

Update old cabinetry in the bathroom by painting it a deep shade of chocolate brown. Add new hardware in a warm, cream color to provide a bit of contrast. Likewise, paint a mirror over the sink a chocolate brown to coordinate with the cabinetry below. This adds continuity to the bathroom and a natural flow of color.

Add a shower curtain that mimics the color on the walls. Avoid the use of overly ruffled or frilly looking shower curtains, as that will tend to create a cluttered look to the bath. Small scaled patterns or prints work well in most bathrooms and will add texture and visual interest as well.

Wall art in the bathroom in subtle shades of blue with brown accents work well. Paint picture frames to match the paint on the cabinets and mirror. Look for artwork that features creamy beige tones with pale blue mats for a professional look.

Choose towel racks that match the theme of brown. Many standard towel racks come in brown or copper shades that look great with the color blue. Add towels in varying shades of blue, cream and brown to complement the wall color. Layer towels on the towel rack for a sumptuous effect.

Add small baskets on the vanity to store essentials next to the sink. Plain, tan baskets can be spray painted to match your blue and brown color scheme. Candles in the same colors may also be added to the top of the sink area to add another luxurious touch.

Even with the theme of brown and blue, don't forget to add accent colors to boost the design. Silk or dried flowers in bright colored greens can add a touch of freshness and life to an all blue and brown design.

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