Decorating a Curved or Round Wall

 Decorating a wall that is curved in appearance can be challenging. It may be difficult to hang pictures, and incorporating furniture is no simple task. With a few simple ideas you can turn that curved wall in your home into a focal point and make it beautiful.

Hang thin, long fabric tapestries or other wall hangings that are rectangular in shape. Create balance by making groupings of three or more placed in irregular configurations, varying the height. This will add visual interest and depth to the curved wall.

Place various, short length shelves along the wall. These may range in length from 5 to 8 inches. These sizes should conform to the shape of the curve in the wall. Place candles, mementos or photos in interesting displays on the shelves.

Add a long curved table in the center of the wall to anchor it. This may have to be a custom piece made by curving one edge of a straight edge table. Look for sofa table height to fill the space. Place large lamps or floral arrangements on either end of the table for balance.

Highlight the wall by creating a mural or trompe l'oeil effect. Stencils are a great way to achieve this look and can be easily found at most craft stores. If you want to minimize the look of the wall, paint it a dark color such as navy, taupe or black. It will then fade into the background and become less prominent in your space. Faux painting techniques such as sponge painting or rag rolling may also be used to create depth and dimension to a curved wall.

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