How to Decorate with the Color Green

Perhaps one of the greatest gifts given to us by nature is the color green. This gorgeous color comes in such a broad range of hues from grass green to the soft tones of moss, you are sure to find one to suit your decor. Nothing is quite as uplifting as seeing the first, small green leaf on a tree after a long, brutal winter. For a chic, refreshing and calming space, look to green.

Choose the color chartreuse for a bright alternative in a small space like a bathroom. The lighter the green, the fresher the impact. Chartreuse, when used in a small, elegant print wallpaper in the bath, saturates the space with color and life. Consider a chevron or paisley print with white for the greatest impact.

For a touch of color in your dining room or kitchen, simply put some limes in a clear glass bowl. This blast of color will instantly brighten the space. Likewise, add an oversized fig tree, real or faux for a touch of luxury. Don't forget small kitchen appliances that are left on your kitchen counter; choose bright green shades for your mixer, toaster or coffee pot for a burst of bright green color.

A great way to add the color green to your space is with the addition of a green rug. A rug is usually a less expensive way to add color to a room, than say, adding a sofa, and still carries a big visual impact. Rugs can also be moved around in a home when you want some variety.

Collections of old, green, glass bottles when displayed on shelving create a cool focal point. Look for these old bottles at antique stores or flea markets. Add green toned dishes to your kitchen table for a touch of color. A classic ikat print on bowls and plates with white and green is a classic look that imparts just enough design to have an impact.

Combine green with other colors to make it stand out or blend in. A classic combination is to use green with brown. This is the most natural color combination there is and is timeless. Use Benjamin Moore paint, Baby Fern with Benjamin Moore paint, Grizzly Bear Brown for a great combination. For a chic and more subdued look use a lime green with silver. Use Benjamin Moore Eccentric Lime with Benjamin Moore Metallic Silver for a touch sophistication. Green obviously also pairs well with red, however to avoid the look of everything Christmas, go with a shade of maroon such as Benjamin Moore's Brick Red.

Green shades can also pair well with teals and purples. Think hydrangeas and water tones. Look to the color wheel for inspiration. Colors that are naturally found in nature, such as blues, reds, yellows, oranges, all can complement and work well with various green shades.

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