How to Detox Your Home?

The first step to detoxifying your home is to assure it's smoke free. Cigarette and cigar smoke are absorbed in walls, furniture and curtains, and leave nasty odors that are not well tolerated.

If you smoke, do yourself a favor and stop smoking and start eating a plant based diet consisting of broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. Cruciferous vegetables and Brussels sprouts with watercress help to counteract cancer.

If your house has a smoky smell, you'll need to wash your drapes, bed linen and replace your furniture and possibly paint the walls. Water based paint won't contain VOCs like oily ones. Open your windows to air out your rooms when the sun is bright.

Tend to the odors that bother you.

  • Make sure your oil burner is well ventilated.

Keep Bugs Away Naturally

Make sure your kitchen is free of ants, flies and cockroaches by keeping all surfaces free of food crumbs. Keep a small plastic bag to collect your trash and throw it out in a garbage bin that is located outdoors every night.

When you don't keep contaminated garbage bags in your kitchen, you won't attract mice. This includes keeping your kitchen sink free of dirty dishes too. Use a dish-washing liquid that won't hurt your septic tank, if your house contains one in the yard.

A clean and well ventilated home contains less toxins.
A clean and well ventilated home contains less toxins. | Source

Switch to Pure Cleaning Power

Use baking soda to neutralize odors in your toilets and sinks and vinegar to kill bacteria, mold and germs. Green soap sprays will cut grease and remove stains. Choose cleaning products made with natural ingredients like lime, lemon and orange.

You can clean mold stains with a weak bleach solution or tea tree oil.

What Must You Remove from Your Home?

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A cloth shower curtain does not emit toxic VOCs.
A cloth shower curtain does not emit toxic VOCs. | Source

Protect Yourself from Formaldehyde

Many kitchen cabinets are made of wood that has been coated with a plastic laminate that could be seeping formaldehyde. Over time the amount of toxicity will be minimal. Certain plants like the aloe vera bush and snake foliage does absorb these poisons and releases fresh air in your home. You'll want to keep these plants near your cabinets.

The peace lily and dumb cane are beautiful and they also help to detoxify poisons in the air. For a 3 thousand square foot house you'll need approximately 18 potted plants for toxic free space. They also keep noise pollution to a minimum.

  • Use a cotton or polyester shower curtain because plastic ones release volatile compounds.

Throw Away Disinfectant Sponges and Protect Your Hands

Use sponges made of pure cellulose and replace them every month. Protect your hands when doing dishes with gloves. And make sure your dish washing liquid doesn't contain synthetic fragrances and added chemicals.

  • Instead of using commercial air fresheners use natural potpourri.
  • Get the lead out of your dishes. Use china labelled as lead-free and avoid drinking in crystal goblets.
  • Never use plastic to heat food in a microwave or store tea, juice or wine in plastic containers.

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