How to Dry Lavender and Rosemary

Spanish Lavender and Rosemary
Spanish Lavender and Rosemary | Source

Spring is such a beautiful time of year with everything green and colorful. Plants are fragrant and blooming at their peak. It's a time for getting outside to do some home gardening while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Drying herbs and flowers is a wonderful way to capture a little of those springtime fragrances for a few home projects. My favorite plants to dry are: lavender, rosemary, and mint. They seem to grow very well; they smell great, and they are easy to dry. It doesn't matter what variety your plants are unless you are using them for a specific purpose. Just enjoy the process of bringing a few earthly goods into the home.


Preparing the Plant

Cut 4 to 6 inch pieces of the plant so that they are a manageable length. Form them into small bundles with all of the cut ends placed together. Tie the bundle on the cut end with a small string or piece of twine. Take a paperclip and twist it to create a hook. Push the hook around the twine. Find a cool dry place to hang bundles upside-down. Allow them to dry for at least one week or until completely dry.

*If the plants are not completely dry, they will create moisture in a closed container and cause them to mildew.

Break up bundles into small pieces. Remove any large twigs. If the pieces don't crumble easily, place them on a small tray and allow them to dry in the sun until drying process is complete.


Putting Them Into Containers

This is my favorite part about drying plants. I love containers of all shapes and sizes. They are functional and provide nice touches to the home decor. Here are some ideas for storing dried plants:

  • Wooden boxes (with the lid open)
  • Ceramic or glass bowls
  • Clear glass bottles or jars
  • Tins
  • Cloth bags (great for a drawer sash)

Store them up in your home or pass them on as gifts for friends and family.

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jimmar profile image

jimmar 3 years ago from Michigan

Do you use them in cooking also? I like Rosemary and Garlic with roasts. I know lavender is used in some French cooking. I've tried it in some recipes, it gives a unique flavor.

Ceres Schwarz profile image

Ceres Schwarz 3 years ago

Great hub that's detailed and even has pictures on how to dry the plants. That makes it easier to follow the instructions. And I like the shape of the container you have in the last photo.

4wardthinker profile image

4wardthinker 3 years ago from Sierra Nevada CA Author

Hi jimmar! Lavender is great in all kinds of food. Some people even put it in their ice water. English Lavender is a culinary type. Spanish Lavender as shown in the picture is good for bath water. Rosemary is suppose to be good for Arthritis. I think I will sprinkle it on my Wheaties.

4wardthinker profile image

4wardthinker 3 years ago from Sierra Nevada CA Author

Thanks for reading Ceres Schwarz. I like bringing the outside into the home.

Insightful Tiger profile image

Insightful Tiger 3 years ago

Great! Thanks for sharing. I always wanted to know how to dry herbs! Pinned and voted up:)

4wardthinker profile image

4wardthinker 3 years ago from Sierra Nevada CA Author

Thanks Insightful Tiger! I just open my container and shake it up a little bit to make the room smell fresh.

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