How to Get Rid of Ants For Good


Getting Rid of Ants

When trying to keep ants away for good there are two things you should focus on, conquering the ant colony and creating lasting physical barriers between the inside of your home and pesky little ants.

Creating Barriers

Ants can fit in the smallest little cracks. They will find their way into your home through cracks in your foundation, siding, and windows. These cracks must be sealed to keep the ants out. Common sense dictates that if all cracks and openings are sealed then ants cannot make it into your home.

This sounds easy but it is actually very difficult and very time consuming to try to locate and seal every opening that ants my exploit to annoy you. It is easier to simply locate openings and seal them where you are seeing ant activity. This is very easy to do and the products are very cheap.

Eliminating The Colony

If you can locate the colony they can be very easy to eliminate. You can simply take a shovel dig up the entire colony and move it, you can pour boiling water on the colony, or use most any type of pesticide.

Locating the colony can also be very difficult and even next to impossible. There are however now products that are very effective at eliminating the ant colony that you can spray on the exterior of your home. Products like Termidor or Dominion are not detectable by the ants so they walk right through it. As they are walking through ants pick up the product and share it with other ants. These products are slow acting which allows it to get back to the colony and eliminate it.

They are very safe and very effective it applied properly. The best way to apply the product is to mix it in a sprayer and spray around the entire foundation of your home. If you chose to purchase one of these products be sure to read the label and follow it precisely.

One correct application of one of these products may be enough to keep the ants away for the entire summer.

How often do you have problems with ants?

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  • Never, this is the first time ants have been in my home
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