How to Get Rid of Earwigs

Earwig Infestation? These tips can help.

I had never even heard of earwigs until we moved to our new home. There's a lot of shade and some areas of the yard stay kind of damp, even during the summer.

Earwigs were everwhere. All in the flower beds, in the gutters (they hadn't been cleaned out in a year or two when we bought hte place), in the house, everywhere. There's nothing quite as alarming as putting on a pair of jeans to feel a sharp bite or pinch on your thigh. I found one inside my daughter's swimsuit and that was all I could take.

Step one: Get rid of their habitat if possible. They love mulch. Replace it with stones if you can. Pick up grass clippings, leaves, boards, boxes, anything that can give them shade outside and keeps the ground damp. Move planters and flower pots around - they love to hide under them. Spray the ones you see with a product that kills earwigs. We use Ortho Home Defense Max.

Spray the foundation of your house. You may have to do this every other day for a week or so.

Sprinkle Ortho Home Defense granules onto flower beds. Sprinkle 7 Dust into vegetable gardens. Earwigs will eat your veggies. Using 7 Dust on the plants and the plant bed is advised.

Consider getting a few guineas. They will make many a meal out of earwigs, ticks and snakes. They're great all around pest control creatures.

Roll up a newspaper, loosely, and place it in an area you know has earwigs. They'll get in between the pages by the dozens and then you can burn it or seal it in a plastic bag to kill the earwigs. Paper towel tubes stuffed with mulch or straw will also work for this.

Exterminate every one you see. Just take a little piece of a paper towel and pick them up and squish.

Seal up every imaginable opening around your home.  Bathtub type caulk works well.  Seal around the hoses to your washer and dryer, seal around any wiring with an outside opening, get under the sinks where the pipes go through walls or floors (expanding foam works well for this).  Pull out the stove a fridge and seal around the openings in floors or walls behind these appliances.  Seal, seal, seal.

We've taken the above steps and have dramatically cut down on the earwig problem and are genuinely optimistic that we are on our way to the total riddance of these awful little bugs.

I really hope this can help you, too.

Earwigs! Eeeekkkkk!

How to control, get rid of and eliminate those pincher bugs.
How to control, get rid of and eliminate those pincher bugs.

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annvans 7 years ago

Bluk, bugs are all over this summer. Thanks for the great info. Great hub!

KimmiJ profile image

KimmiJ 7 years ago from Earth Author

Thanks, annvans! Yep, they're just awful and they have GOT to GO. :)

Sonia 6 years ago

OMG!!!My home is infested with these creatures, in the food,clothing,bedding my purse..What can I use, HELP!!!!!! My pets blankets, omg, everywhere.. I have to run in my house at night cause they are on the door...

Alicia Jauregui 6 years ago

Thank You! I am

So grossed out with these ewwwwww pincher bugs!!! I can't even have the Grand babies around! Yuck! They just started three days ago and they are like every where!!!

josette luffey 6 years ago

OMG I am having the same problem. We noticed about a month or so ago that there were a lot of pincher bugs outside are front door. But now they have made there way in to are home. Just last night I went to take a drink of my soda thru the straw and I just happen to look down the straw and there was a pincher bug already in the middle of my straw.I am going to try the home defence stuff. But where did they all of suden come from? We have never had bugs and all of a sudden infested!!

rousu4 6 years ago

I thought I was the only one on earth facing this problem. Our home has huge silver maples all around and we have very little sun even in the summer. Every spring we battle earwigs for about one month. One of my daughter's first words was "earwig". That's when I had to take action. We use granular pellets in the yard, and Orhto spray around the house and this year we set off no mess spray bombs in the house and crawl space. No more mulch. They are eating our plant's roots. We are switching over to stone. Good Luck everyone.

lauren 6 years ago

These things are everywhere--especially the kitchen. It gives me the shivers to even sleep. Just found one in the fridge. They were not this bad last year. Hopin the home defense stuff works I'm going nuts!

Tanya 6 years ago

OMG, I have to try these methods. About a month ago these bugs just started invading the yard and home.

I go outside on the porch at night and I count atleast 15+ crawling all over the awning, and they seem to like the grill too. I went in the shower one day and good thing I looked in my shower cap because there was a pincher bug in there. I find atleast 1 or 2 a day in the bathroom in the morning, especially in or near the tub. they especially like crawling up the shower curtain. I found one squished on the dishwasher door.

I think I am going to try the oil in a tub method first. Hopefully I can get rid of these ASAP. I cant even use my towels without shaking them out first (caught three bugs on my bathroom towels when I was about to use them).

Tree Girls 6 years ago

We were climbing our fav trees and and we had a few plastic bags with notebooks in them so we could draw, and we opened them we found tons of bugs (earwigs!) and we both screamed! it was aweful! thanks for the info!

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