How to Get Rid of Possums

Possum/Opossum Facts

Possums may be bothersome sometimes, but before you need to know    how to get rid of possum,   you should know a little more about them. Here are some possum facts that you should know before attempting to get rid of the animal:

  • Possum and opossum are the same animal.
  • Possums are opportunistic feeders, and will eat almost anything that is available to them, which is usually why they come in contact with humans.
  • Possums are usually about 18 inches long, but can be bigger or smaller.
  • Possums are nocturnal animals, which means they are most active at night.'
  • Possums do not dig holes, so if you have holes in your lawn, it is not the work of possums.
  • Possums have thumbs and a prehensile tail, so they are amazing climbers.
  • Possums rarely have rabies, as they are extraordinarily resistant to it.
  • They are the only North American marsupials(huh?) which means that they have a pouch on their stomach where they carry their young.
  • They are known for "playing possum" or feigning death when they are threatened, but they can also be aggressive at times.

Now, read on to learn how to get possum out of your house or off of your property.

How to Get Rid of Possum

All right. Now, these animals may have gotten onto your property in search of many things. The main reason possums come to your house is for food and shelter. Usually they are harmless, but people usually want to get rid of them for several reasons:

  • Possums can make a mess with their large droppings.
  • They can bother pets.
  • They may be getting into your garbage.
  • A possum has gotten inside your home.

If a possum is in your house, and you know where it is, the first thing you need to do is get it out of your house. To do this, you need to trap the possum. They are very harmless animals and all you need to do is trap them and move them to somewhere where the animal will be safe. You can also try to chase the animal out of your house, if you are in a hurry. It should also be noted that almost any food can be used as bait, since they are omnivores and will eat almost anything. Any of these will work, but be careful, although possums are usually not aggressive, they may attack if threatened.

Once it is out of your house, congratulate yourself for knowing how to get rid of possum(thanks to this article.)But, you have work to do to make sure that other possums, that possum, or similar animals do not come back to your house. Skip the next paragraph to find out how.

All right, another place they may have gotten is under your porch or in a shed. You need to chase them out of there, or set a trap to get them. You will need a medium sized trap to catch the possum, a raccoon trap will work fine. You can use almost any food for bait.

OK, now that you can get rid of the possum, you need to keep them away. You can set traps first of all to make sure they are caught shortly after return, but other methods work as well. Take these steps to possum-proof your house or yard.

  1. Remove all cover or shelter for the animal. This includes wood piles, or debris.
  2. Close up their entrance to the hiding place.
  3. Get rid of all the food they can get at. Keep garbage cans closed at all times, and don't have food lying around.
  4. Keep the area where they are well-lit, as possums do not like light.
  5. Place predator urine, such as fox urine around their den.
  6. Put pet hair around their den.
  7. Place ammonia and moth balls at places where they will go.
  8. If all else fails, buy a possum repellent off of the internet, or at a local store.

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Maria 7 years ago

To do this, you can trap the possum, kill it with a blunt object, shoot it, or chase it out of your house with a broom

That's awful advice. The poor animals are just hungry and want food. Some are babies who's mother's have been hit by a car and the poor things don't know where to go . I had three babies I took care, two have been roadkill, the 2nd one has brought a very large friend that I want to get rid of , so I was searching for HUMANE ways to do that when I found your hub . The best thing is to get a trap and

catch it and release it elsewhere. The thing is crapping

in my basement and it stinks . Your advice was to shoot the animal. Did you think that if someone did that , maybe they'd miss, and shoot their child, or themselves in the foot ? Or maybe their neighbor would call the police and they'd go to jail for shooting off a firearm in the city like

my friend did ? Or they'd not kill ,just injure the poor animal and it would scream loudly waking up your neighbors and tramautize your small children if you had any .

I would hope that someone who is giving advice for alot of people to read, would think before they type .

profile image

DinoEntrails 7 years ago Author

I am sorry about that. It has been edited to perfection.

kyle 7 years ago

bad advice? its a damn varmint! look you tree hugger if you want to sleep w/varmints that's on you but i prefer to kill them, yes KILL them!!!

terry 7 years ago

terry your ignorance & cruel behavior is why the world is in this state...they have a right to be here as they cant help that man is taking over their space...perhaps varmints like youself should be shot & killed then our world would be a much better place....KILLING IS NOT THE ANSWER...

rob  7 years ago

how do u stop possums crapping all round. don't want to get rid of it

ftw 6 years ago


casey maroni 6 years ago

i heard they don't like the smell of garlic, so if u put garlic on ure balcony or whatever they'll leave u alone. is that true?

tammy 6 years ago

i had a possoum in my house. how do i get rid of them.

teresa 6 years ago

kill them

smike 6 years ago

yep. just killem. good bb gun target practice for night moves.

whaaaa 6 years ago

I built a wooden box they go into the box, I put an apple on a piece of wire in the box, when they go for the apple it moves the wire and releases a catch so the door swings shut.

Then the next evening (it's best to wait until just after sunset) I take them to a different park about 5km away and release them there.

They probably end up fighting with the local possums in the new park and dying anyway.

possom hunter 6 years ago

I just had one in my garbage and my pales have beenn getting knocked down and leaving a big mess. So a pellet gun with the pointed pellets from about 20' fixed the problem. Fast and humane.

who knew 6 years ago

I have had many possums come over the last few years to my yard, They eat the chicken eggs as well as kill the chickens. I trap and release them only because they are so difficult to kill. I am soft-hearted but losing a defenseless chicken a few times a week is over the top. Yes, I am sure it is possums, second one I caught this week, and a third one jumped down nearby tonight. I will be installing a light in the next few days to ward them off as well.

xira 6 years ago

We don't have to kill the opossum; they look terrible but I have catched a small one before yesterday using my cat's carrier. I placed it very close to my sliding door with some cat food inside, the opossum that was living under the shed came over and kind helped himself to be catched because when he crawled under the carrier's open door, he pulled the door with his back while he was entering the carrier. I kept him during the night in my garage. Next day I released him into a wooden area. I didn't hurt him. I thought that his little paws were cute. Now, i think that I wouldn't have done this. Why? Because the only thing he was doing was eating the cat food that I feed the stray cats, nothing else. They look awful, but if we leave them alone all that they want is to survive, like us, get food, sleep, and live. Let them live, they have a high rate of being decimated by predators and killed by passing cars. They belong to the environment.

star 6 years ago

A possum has trapped itself in my garbage can. We actually had no idea it was there until the dog was overly interested in that particular can. (we have three cans, all of which are taller than a 50 gallon can) We're not certain how the creature got in there, but I'm guessing it must have climbed up a nearby shrub or jumped in from the nearby porch. Either way, the thing must be a dumb possum for imprisoning itself. It is currently sleeping there, surrounded by trash, seemingly cozy and at ease. My sister tried shooting it with a bb gun we keep on hand; I wasn't there, but it doesn't seem to be seriously harmed though I have little way of telling. My brother thought it could escape so he put the lid on the can. As it was very hot today (90+ f) I assumed this was slowly cooking the beastie or at least making it quite uncomfortable. That and the shot my sister gave it are probably enough to make it think twice about coming 'round our place. We have removed the lid. If I lived in Indiana, I would keep bottle rockets on hand to scare off any nocturnal nuisances without actually harming them. We get raccoons, too, sometimes an entire family. This is all because we have two outdoor cats who like to have access to food. The cats live under the porch, a space they access through what was intended to be a trash-shoot of sorts. Sometimes raccoons will try to enter the space, which we especially hate. A possum in their pseudo den would definitely get my ire burning. Today the possum will live. I will tip the can over around dusk. If I see it on our porch near our cat den I may have second thoughts. Possums and other animals that live close to humans but are not domesticated tend to be nuisances. There is a place for many of these animals in our society, but little means for them to find it/carve out their niche. I hope one day possums, raccoons, and other would be varmints find their way into a fair relationships with humans. I knew someone who spent a lot of time in Bolivia with a family that kept a black widow spider as a pet. It ran freely through the house and acted as a sort of 'mouser' keeping rodents, bugs, and other small unwanted visitors out. If people can keep poisonous spiders as pets, I imagine a possum could fill a similar role.

mod2vint profile image

mod2vint 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

We just had an issue with a possum at work, it fell through the ceiling. We thought we had chased it out, but we were wrong. We found it hiding in a cabinet, after searching the rest of the building found several piles of possum poop. All I can say is EX-Husbands can be good for something, he caught it, took it for a drive and let it go. I have to admit, I think if i had to handle it, I probably would have terminated it.

Lisa 6 years ago

Theeir illegal to kill here in Lakeland, Fl, but its a process to get Animal control to come and get them. They have to be caged.I put one in a cat carrier, finally the Animal Control came and when I asked her what they do with them, she told me they kill them. So it's okay for them to kill them, but not us?

suburban 6 years ago

I started hearing their little trilling sounds outside my bedroom window at night about a week ago. They don't sound like cats or anything else, so I figured I had a possum in the yard. I could hear it climbing up a tree to get on my roof. So tonight when I heard them again I went outside with a flashlight. Shined it up on the roof and eight pairs of eyes light up. I had no idea I was hosting a colony on my rooftop. I don't think they're in my attic. I've been up in it recently and never saw any evidence. There's no real way to get from the roof top into the attic that I can figure out.

Cody 6 years ago

All you need to do is shoot a BB gun at the forehead or something. It wont kill the animal their skulls are tough as sh*t. The possum will just run off that's it. I wouldn't of shot it, if the damn thing would of ran off out of my yard and away from my dog. It just happened to be 10 at night dog barking and Little shit wouldn't go away. XD

sally 6 years ago

I have 2 possums under my house i Live in a tiny town of less then 100 people so wild life is fine ,I had a mother raccoon who had babies under house one year and then she and babies left the next year she came vack and had babies again and left that was fine.But no these possums smell and i mean it is a strong yuk smell I have no idea how to trap them and no money to hire someone so any ideas will help/I heard you buy fox urine and that makes them leave?

don 6 years ago

strobe lights worked great to get a possom to leave a small space a myhome then i sealed the hole and put the trap outo

litedave 6 years ago

Just get a wire trap, bait it with sliced apples and trap them. Then, take the little creature in your car for a ride out to the swamp and let him out of the trap. He will wonder off into the woods and make a new life for himself. Probably find a little possum girlfriend and get married and have some more possum children. Live and let live. The possum is only doing what God put him on this earth to do and that is to look cute and amuse us.

George 6 years ago

Our dogs continue to get the possums in our yard , the possums just don't see or hear the dogs? It;s usually a bloody mess , the possum can be split open and they still walk out of the yard . We tried every thing , the dogs now don't even bark now , so we usually can not save the possum . I am sorry the possum it not the smartest animal .they have not instinct to stay away from a yard with 2 dogs in it.

alma ojeda 6 years ago

i have two possums living in my back room. i used camphor to get rid of them. But i also have two canaries and a small Ouaker parrot living in the back room. Will the camhor hurt my parrot and birds?

JANE 6 years ago

Why not research opposums and see what interesting creatures they are. They have been on earth since the dinosaurs. They are the only marsupal in North America - having their babies in a pouch.

They are very gentle animals

Get a garbage can with a lid that locks if you keep your garbage outside. DUH

Cruelty to animals "killin it" "shotting it with a BB gun" makes it easier to justify cruelty to humans. I hope no children were witnesses to this behavior


Opposums are very unique gentle creatures, appreciate what God has given us.

Ev 6 years ago

possums eat rats, rats suck, so they're like spiders they eat mosquitos and i'd rather not have mosquitos or rats, therefore spiders and possums are the lesser evil.

I currently am trapping a possum by digging a hole and placing a garbage can at an angle, and then using the left over dirt to make a ramp into it. and some food at the bottom. so the possum slips in and cant climb out.

Has anyone done this before?

Cat Thomas 5 years ago

I say kill the ugly fuckers!!!! as soon as you see one chase it down, they don't run fast, and beat over and over with a blunt object! once its paralyzed put a noose around its neck tie it up in a tree like a christmas orniment!!! and reapete! is a great pass time!

Kathy 5 years ago

Cat Thomas you are a very sick, (barely) human being. There is no need to kill these innocent creatures. They are just trying to survive like everyone and everything else. Your

comments are VERY disturbing as violence to animals is usually followed by violence against people. Trap and release is a humane way to deal with them. There is no excuse for hurting them,and you should be in prison. I have a young possum living under my house and so far he has not

caused trouble, but I know I need to move him. He is very cute and does not bother my cats. I hope others will choose to be humane to animals,and yes, even possums.

Kat 5 years ago

Just read in National Geographic that possums hunt mice, insects, worms and snakes. Their poop probably smells because they will eat roadkill /carrion. Since they are gentle, we should treat them with kindness. If fox urine helps, I will try that first. I like the fact that possums hunt pests and hope it gives others pause before turning to guns or brutality. They are living things who feel pain,so please be kind.

Kathy 5 years ago

I take back my track and release comment--I just read some excellent info on possums on the OSUS site, the oppussum society of the US. They say if the possum is outside in your yard you don't have to do anything as they only stay a couple of days in any area, and are excellent to have around for pest and insect control. To get them out of a garage or house, just leave a trail of pet food to an open door and the possum will eat the food and leave by itself. Do NOT use a broom or frighten it because it may use it's only defense--a trance like state where the possum looks like it is dead AND emits a foul smell to make it's predators think it is dead. Possums are not aggressive and usually only show up to eat food that is left out or rotten fruit, or

trash that is not covered. They may show teeth if they are frightened, but do not bite unless attacked,as any animal would. Also, possums have bad eyesight so keep dogs in at night if you don't want your dogs to attack them. Visit the OSUS site for more info.!!!

dnorth 5 years ago

I hate to contradict you, but possums do dig. They keep digging holes and going under my house. We know it is possums, because we catch them. After removing them we cover the hole, but in just a few days, another possum has dug another hole right next to the concrete block that we use to cover the hole. It has happened maybe 10-15 times in the 5 years I have lived here. How can I keep them away? There is no food where they are digging. It is actually under the concrete slab that the heat/ac unit is on.

carol 5 years ago

How do I get rid of a Possum two of them from in my boat they think this is there home and they are making a mess poop all over and it stinks bad, what could I do to keep them out of my boat.

Lynda 5 years ago

I tried Scat - an animal repellent, it didn't work, I sprayed it all where the possum goes, under my house on the tree and fence and didn't do a damn thing.

DLO 5 years ago

I recently encountered a litter of 10 possums in my garage..9of them trapping themselves! Thank a small trash can, all but 1 still remains and I cant get rid of it. He is very smart. Smarter then his siblings that's for sure. I want to keep it ybutaround for purposes but my garage is where I workout and I don't want to breath nasty poop or his oder in.....what shall I do to catch him? I've tried everything!

Yummy 5 years ago

Find a good recipe, and kill em!

A Dutch Oven, some corn bread, and a cold beer! Doesn't get much beter then that.

Yummy 5 years ago

1 slightly injured possum

1 cup mayonnaise

8 cups pig fat

2 cups buttermilk

2 fresh green peppers


Slice green peppers and mix ingredients in a large bowl (exclude possum). Cut possum into chunks or thin strips. Mix possum chunks into bowl. Transfer contents of bowl into a casserole dish and bake at 350 degrees for two hours. Remove from oven, let sit for half an hour, and serve. ENJOY!!

lisa 5 years ago

i have a dog who at night is killing the possums and bringing them in thru the doggy dog in the house. gross. Help me i have tried the moth balls. Do not seem to work.

It is really getting gross. i heard that the mom may be under the house, and these are the babies. For the last 5 nights the dog has killed one in the yard. Back yard fenced in, do not where they are getting in at. Would bright lights and the ammonia work????

wes 5 years ago

A .22 caliber air rifle is my solution. Quiet so I can shoot them at night without waking neighbors. Works perfect.

dp 5 years ago

The most humane thing you can do is send them to their maker and let him figure it out

dj jr 5 years ago

In all seriousness, I have found thru experience that the best way to solve your possum problem is to suicide bomb the sucka to animal kingdom come

asfASFasffASFasASasfASFasfASFasfsatrG 5 years ago


Craftemomma 5 years ago

I sprayed one with a garden hose on jet spray that was hanging in a tree in our yard and driving my dad crazy. After a few nights of this he stopped coming back to hang in my tree.

Meman 5 years ago

What kind of BS is this author spewing, they sure as hell dig holes. They love a nice bed of sand. Got at least 2 possums and an armadillo living in various spots under my foundation. Everywhere there is an inside corner, they dig a nice little home.

Evelyn 5 years ago

OMG! I can't stand those critters. They come in through my garage opening by the roof after they climb the tree. I had to kill a couple with my golf club but I can't stand all the crap they leave in me garage. My husband said they play like they are dead IF you see them, once the know your aware of them they try to run. I've been renting for the lsst year and my landlord won't do sh-t. So what else do I do? Thanks for anyones comment.

Sean 5 years ago

I hate these animals with a vengeance. . .they keep finding ways into my house, and I keep killing them. I just saw another one in the yard tonight, and began sharpening my axe. Soon I shall destroy this one also. I'm a butcher by the way, so possum stew soon. Hahahahaha!

joe bob 5 years ago

The little crapers should of never came to your yard. one got into the black tube that runs from my gutter and a nicly polished gun did the trick. I haver never had a posem poblem agean. quick easy fix forever!!!

SlapNutZ 5 years ago

Wow really? Complete waste of time you idiot. How about a .22 to the forehead? That will get rid of you and the stupid varmint

SlapNutZ 5 years ago

Wow really? Complete waste of time you idiot. How about a .22 to the forehead? That will get rid of you and the stupid varmint

Kel 5 years ago

This comment is for Cat Thomas......the fact that you cant even spell repeat tells me you are not a concern. Stupidy should be painful and if it was you would be hurt'n right about now..

Mitch Cumstein 5 years ago

I came to this site to get useful information to pass on to one of my coworkers and I get slammed with this liberal pussy bullshit. These hippies are killing me! Aren't you all supposed to be occupying Wall Street or in a drum circle somewhere? The fact that one of you feeds stray cats is further proof of you incoherent bullshit thought processes. The argument "They are just trying to survive like everyone and everything else" is null and void when it comes to these nasty nuisances. They attack my pets, scare my kids and wife, and even worse they are ugly as hell. I have trapped them and relocated to 5-10 miles away and I still have a problem. So, being the conservationist that I am, I took their unusually high population numbers to mind and have started "thinning the herd." I bought a Gamo Pellet gun that shoots pellets at 1,200 feet per second into their nasty heads. It's a great way to educate youth on gun safety, proper shot placement, and a number of other useful hunting tactics. However if the kiddos aren't home and I find some in my traps, I usually just haul them down to the lake. I take them to a boat ramp, tie about 20ft of rope to the cage, spin around like I'm throwing a discus, and let it fly out into the water. The weight of the animal or the cage itself will force them to the bottom. That’s when I tie off the rope on the hitch of my truck, crack a beer, spark a cig and wait about 3-5 minutes per animal. Cats don't take that long, but you get my drift. After the wait, just haul them out of the water, open the cage and dump the carcass on the bank or back into the water. Circle of life. That opossum will feed fish, birds, bears, pigs, turtles, Cajuns etc. etc. for days.

So in closing, don't do it for the sake of sport, do it for fun, do it for the Cajuns, fish, turtle blah blah, but most of all do it for your Fucking Country!!

JR 5 years ago

Mitch Cumstein, You are a Right-Wing gun-toting masochistic idiot. You have a mean streak. And you're a father?? God help your kids. Leave the animals alone. If they are a bother, do the humane thing and trap and release them. You are the one who is a cowardly Puss.

Mitch Cumstein 5 years ago

JR, absolutely laughable. Right-Wing gun-toting masochistic? Could you try to be more original or at least not so cliché. Take your hippie liberal agenda elsewhere, for it falls on deaf ears here. I have a mean streak? HAHA, ya I do have a mean streak when my family is placed in danger. If my kids Min-pin or Yorkie are attacked by one of these nasty animals, do you have any idea the effect this would have on my children? My little girls would be absolutely terrified of the backyard, day or night. Is this a way for a child to grow up? Apparently you wore a helmet when and if you put down the bong and video game controller to go outside, but my kids won't be raised in a padded room. Besides, if Daddy kills the bad possums I renew my hero status. This gives me the ability to slay all monsters under the beds or in the closets and allows my children to get good night’s sleep. God help my kids? He did when my twin girls were born seven weeks premature, He did when their mother was in the hospital for a month after giving birth due to complications. So please, trust in this, the good Lord knows who my family is and they all speak to Him regularly. Before you throw your hemp blanket over someone or paint with your tired ass liberal brush, take the time to put the pipe and Kool-Aid down and think before you speak. Actually, please do us all a favor, find a bridge and swan dive into a pool of knives you worthless hippie.

I stated that I had tried trapping and releasing them. Didn't work. I am now taking the matter into my own hands, and dealing with it accordingly. Cowardly Puss? Hahaha, big mean words from such a gentle person, but here you are wrong. The cowardly thing to do would be to sit inside on my hands while my kids cry because they were chased by a hideously terrible animal. No, I handle things a little differently around my household. I don't turn to message boards or forums to spew bullshit to make people think that I am something I am not. You, you are exactly what you come off to be, a left-wing MacBook-toting Sadomasochistic pussy faggot. Next.

JR 5 years ago

Okay, I have to spell it out again. YOU ARE A MASOCHIST. Why would you torture innocent animals?

JR 5 years ago

You actually think this is humane: "I take them to a boat ramp, tie about 20ft of rope to the cage, spin around like I'm throwing a discus, and let it fly out into the water. The weight of the animal or the cage itself will force them to the bottom. That’s when I tie off the rope on the hitch of my truck, crack a beer, spark a cig and wait about 3-5 minutes per animal. Cats don't take that long, but you get my drift." YOU ARE A SICK, PERVERTED CREEP. You allow these animals to die slowly. Yes, trap and release does work. Release them into the wilderness, you freak. What is so complicated about that? I am no liberal hippie. I am a professional woman who, guess what, actually cares about animals and their well-being... something you obviously know nothing about, or even DARE TO LEARN. Stop hurling abuse at me... but of course, how could I expect you to respect women.

judy colwell 5 years ago

i live in a mobile home that has a roof built over and rooms built on so we haven't gotten around to enclosing it so i have a possum that lives up there ,it has not gotten in my house but i bought a trap to try and catch it but ive never done this so i don't know how to do it. i tried to get the animal control but all they said was come rent a cage from them , but they charge 50 dollars, deposit, and you get that back,IF its not damaged, my luck , it would be , so i just bought one @Tractor Supply for 34 dollars and its mine now.

Tired of them 5 years ago

Trap and release????? Who's going to replace my chicken eggs and small chicks?? That's what I thought!

Tired of them 5 years ago

Trap and release????? Who's going to replace my chicken eggs and small chicks?? That's what I thought!

Mitch Cumstein 5 years ago

JR, that sure explained a lot. First let me apologize. When I read your comments I read them with blinders on and that isn't right. I made the mistake of assuming your ignorance, self-righteousness, and blatant disregard for common sense was due to your liberal mindset, when in fact it was all due to you being a woman. If I thought for one second you were married, I would reprimand your husband for allowing you to use the internet. I would then pull his man card for allowing you out of the kitchen. But we both know that you aren't married, in fact we both know that you and your life partner Pat partake in drum circles and other hippie cultural things. When you're not coaching softball and trying on flannel shirts do y’all run a pet sanctuary? Oh and by the way, I shot a BIG possum the other night. This thing was huge, I put one in its head and it was still fighting, so I put a couple more in it for good measure. It didn’t die right there, but I’m pretty sure it ran off into the woods and died. This is a win/win in my book, dead possum and I didn’t even have to clean it up.

A little word of advice: BE THE HAMMER NOT THE NAIL! If you stroll through life constantly letting people shit on you or vile creatures like possums dictate when your children can go outside, your life will be one filled with fear and un-fulfillment. It’s when you take action against these things that allow you the freedom to live your life as you intend not as someone else intends you to. So remember, BE THE HAMMER NOT THE NAIL!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Ray Mcclenney 5 years ago

I had a possum on my porch table last night eating the cat food. This is the second night I have had to smack the thing with a broom to get him out of my porch. I will try and capture him Thanksgiving evening if he comes around. I keep looking at my Henry rifle, but it just feels wrong to blow it away. I had one last year and used a Hockey Stick which was effective.

JR 5 years ago

Mitch Cumstein, you should really quit posting messages because all you keep doing is showing what a sexist, homophobic jerk you are. I am not gay but who cares, the bottom line is that you are cruel to animals. You said you don't let your kids watch you drowning the animals and letting them die a slow painful death. You should let your kids see this so that can see what a cruel, heartless jerk they have for a father. BTW, studies have shown that when people are cruel to animals, the cruelty doesn't end there. If I knew where you lived, I would send the SPCA to your doorstep AND Child Services.

kcbtrish 5 years ago

Here is partial info from an article on the AAEP.ORG website, concerning a disease we horse owners are dealing with, due to the opossum. "Equine protozoal myeloenencephalitis (EPM) is one of the most important neurologic diseases in the horse and remains a problem for horses and their owners. Original research in the mid-1990s led to the discovery of the opossum as the definitive host for Sarcocystis neurona, the primary parasite that causes EPM in horses. Most Sarcocystis spp. have a predator-prey life cycle, which allows the parasite to cycle in nature and to perpetuate itself. Interestingly the opossum is the host of at least three Sarcocystis spp." I'm not a lover of killing one species of animal just to have another one survive...but this disease is of great concern. Releasing a live-caught opossum, possibly infected with this disease, seams very irresponsible!

Janine 5 years ago

Wow...All I wanted to know is how to get rid of a possum that seems to be getting a little to comfortable in my yard, back patio and front porch. What I seemed to get was cyber war of political opinions and bashing personal life choices. The later was so amusing that I forgot about the possum...

lylli10 5 years ago

Lmao you guys are nuts. I am very much recommending my husband read all of your comments seriously grow up and get a life..the point of this was to remove a possum of dog keeps bringing me trophies and I'm worried she is going to be hurt or sick from these things, and I live in the city so it isn't likely traps or guns will work how inconvenient this site is.what a waste.

Theresa 5 years ago

I came to this site for help apparently no one has any, but you were all very amusing

jen 5 years ago

let me ask you humane people something if a man comes into your home where your children are and lives in your attack when you find him tell me you wouldn't kill him

rosty 5 years ago

OK, Yaw do know that it is like a giant rat that yaw are talking about, yes a rat. WTF is wrong with yaw and rats and friendly and cute. what person in his right minds finds a rat cute and adorable. Get that damn shotgun of yours point the mother !@#$%# at the sick looking thing and blow it to kingdom Kong.

TeeRoy 5 years ago

I have an abandoned house next door for sale now for 6 months or so. Critters have chewed a hole into the garage and torn up all the junk in there and pissed and stunk it up permently. I have caught 3 ferel cats that were collarless, unaltered, and mean as heck. I took one to the animal control(had to wait an hour and a half and pay $6. The other two ferel cats where taken up to the mountains by a nice creek. I couldn't see paying again for something the animal control would kill anyway and charge me for it.

After the cats, I then caught a coon and my ex-girlfriend wanted to blast it with my sawed off shotgun. I thought it was a nice way for her to get out some unreleased anger. The coon died a very quick death and the local critters outside of town got a yummy meal. Then I caught a skunk! I was very careful with this one and decided to throw a wet blanket over the cage, attach my wet/dry vac hose to my truck muffler and let the stinky little creature go to sleep. I put on thick latex gloves and set the eead skunk out by the road on a rock with his head over his arm peacefully sleeping(but already VERY dead!) The animal control picked him up before the end of the day. This morning I went out the the trap and I now have a possium there looking at me. I have two outdoor cats who I feed inside so I don't attract critters. The cats take care of the rodents, so I don't need these little savengers around. I do admit they are cute in a creepy little way! I am considering if i am going to gas this one too. Putting them in the "gas chamber" seems to be a peaceful, quiet, and non-messy, like shooting it with a shotgun or hitting it over the head and waiting for a while to die as it suffers if you don't shoot it or smack it(very sick!) well enough. Just wanted to tell everyone that I believe gassing overpopulated critters is a low impact/humaane way to take care of them.

asdfgdsa 4 years ago

today i shot apossum in a trap. soon after i killed it ,it had five babies

gastondefrance 4 years ago

I can't believe how little some of the people that claim they are human have evolved! I think you should take your religion seriously and have a gentle side. Obviously the people that claim opossums are rats have never had the opportunity to go to school and learn how to read. Perhaps marsupial is just to complicated a word for the uneducated to understand. Get over yourself. We share this world.

ttt 4 years ago

I love possums, I raised some, but I have them get in my air ducts. 2 babies died there & replacing this cost $300. The adults have killed lots of chickens. Not a good death, they slowly gut them. I am at my wits end. Try living with the smell, noise, and fifth. Gonna try mothballs and light under the house.

S. T. 4 years ago

Lotta scary folks on here! Live trapped one and will take him for a ride and release, ALIVE.

Rob 4 years ago

i don't know about non aggressive ... my brother had to fight one off once he was just walking down the street the damn thing saw him began hissing and ran towards him he kicked it once it came back he kicked again so he bagan to run a bit backwards and broke his collar bone hitting a pole trying to fight the damn thing off .. after that the bastard ran into traffic and got smeared

Heather 4 years ago

I have had a possum under my house for a while. It scratches at the floors and gets in the house. I have tried wire traps and it gets the food but does not get caught in trap. I am about to start shooting though the floors!! It is driving me and my family crazy!!!!

G Bo 4 years ago

Lol. Very interesting, but who in gheir right mind thinks that an opossum is cute? They are not human, therefore they do not share our rights or freedom. God made man to have dominion over every thing, not rodents. And just cause someone kill these things, doesn't mean that they will kill or harm humans. After all, how do you think we eat, and survive. By the killing of animals. If a bear came into your yard looking for food, and tried to come in your house, would it be cruel to kill it too? Wake up! Go fight for the homeless, and injustice, instead of opossums.

Harold 4 years ago

Possum have there place but with fewer coyotes and predators they take over. Living in the country we rarely see Pheasants or Quail anymore. I have come to the conclusion that the reason for this is that they are are eating their eggs. They were introduced to New Zealand and now they have taken over without any predators. The roads are covered with road kill.

Solution: Develop some good ways to cook and eat them, use their hides for gloves, clothing or thin them out by trapping and killing them.

4 years ago

possums ARE NOT related to rats and mice.

texasdude 4 years ago

geeze louise. i think i'll try the fox urine and moth balls. and kill the sucker with what ever is handy at the time. re-locate? live in harmony with? appreciate them for their usefulness? coexist with them? you're welcome to come over and adopt them if you want to. go vote for obama you chowderhead liberals. (that ought to create another interesting thread for those of you that have time on your hands). i don't because i have a job. and you're welcome for supporting those of you that are too lazy to get one.

easy mac 4 years ago


Alexis 4 years ago

Thanks to those who took this site seriously enough to leave information a sane person can use. I have a mother and baby sleeping in my bougainvillea. I called all the right agencies but none would come out. After reading a few sites, I was able to determine she's not injured or sick. Just resting here for a bit. Gave her some cauliflower and an apple. They are adorable. Too bad it isn't legal to shoot internet and bible thumping animal haters with an AK47. Fun times... I'd make it a destination holiday.

Carol 4 years ago

Seriously....they are adorable???? I am having a problem with them getting under my fence and into my flower bed, they are so ugly, that I am scared of them. I am not the kind of person that is going to beat them, nor am I going to trap them, I just want to know how to keep them away.

possumkiller hahaha 4 years ago

To all u morons that keep saying "dnt kill it,it just wants food,its not right to kill it. Well I had a possum in my house we kicked it out and it came back in within five minutes of us kicking it out. We boarded the hole it came through n it found another way. I have 5 boys in my house 2 which are twin 10 month old, so for u sayin "not to kill it" your retarded asses think it should be nice to it so it csn keep coming back in and let others know it found a place to shelter,my home, and bite one of my kids, you gotta be out of ur damn mind! My advice is to kill it! Before it bites u n kills u.

killing it is the way to go 4 years ago

An airgun from about 800 fps should do the trick just fine no lower then that.NO bbs your just going to hurt it use pellets they are more accurate and have more impact aswell as piercing power.You don't need a license for an airgun just to be above the age of 16,even minors can shoot the gun under adult supervision.i had a possum in my yard about 20 minutes ago again (had).go to airgun today an get yourself an air gun.One more thing if your in the city some air guns carry suppressors or silencers.

Mel 4 years ago

I hope you know possums are protected by law in some states. Think twice before killing one or you may end up with a hefty fine or go to jail.

bob 4 years ago

Opossums are the ugliest creatures on earth. But they have just as much right to live as any humans do. Just trap them and let them go. Some of you make me ashamed to be human.

Uncle Fuzzy 4 years ago

Mitch Cumstein, very funny posts, and remarkable how concrete the responses to your posts have been. To those respondents, I wonder if all of you are vegetarians? Do you have leather shoes or car seats? Do you trap the flies in your house, and release them miles away? How about mosquitoes? Do you take antibiotics to kill the bacteria that caused your bladder infection?

There's a whole lotta self-righteous chest beating going on...

However, I too am opposed to cruelty...the UNNECESSARY infliction of suffering... So I use a Have-a-Heart trap to capture the possums and skunks, and a roach traps to catch the roaches and other creatures with exoskeletons, and take them all, alive, kicking, squirming, stinking, hissing, pissing, and procreating, to be released into my nosey neighbor's garage.

It works for me....

jim 4 years ago

well killing a possum is a little more difficult (and messy) then killing a fly or mosquito. and it is illegal in some states.

I think people came here looking for solutions, not to hear about liberals, Obama, vegetarians, and idiots calling them "rodents". not to mention "shoot it" is an obvious answer that I'm sure most people already thought of, but came here looking for a different solution. unfortunately there are no simple solutions like a spray or whatever. you have to trap it, kill it (they're also notoriously resilient and like to play dead), or learn to live with it. Or eat for dinner like the Beverly Hillbilly you are :D

Natalie 4 years ago

Y don't u write "How to get a possum out of a cat or dogs house" because I'm making a cat house but I'm afraid that a possum will come in the cat house

Lea456 4 years ago

I have seen an adult possum in my back yard and finally last night my dog killed a baby possum and chased the adult away. will the adult stay away from here now that it knows its dangerous here?

AMLEWIS 4 years ago


Damian 4 years ago

Just kill them.

Ruth 4 years ago

I have two possoms coming around my house at night and scare the heck out of my two small dogs. I have been told that possoms will kill my dogs or even eat them if they feel they are in danger. Is this true? I would like to continue to leave my dogs outdoors instead of bringing them inside.

zee 4 years ago

I don't know if they'll actually go out of their way to attack a dog, but I've heard of a chihuahua going after one of them and getting injured pretty badly in the process. They do have a nasty bite. Get a cage trap (your vet might even lend you one for free if you say you're trying to catch a feral cat) and put some catfood in it, usually does the trick for me.

Then take it off some where and either release it so it can be back in your yard with it's whole family in a night or two, or just shoot it so it dies quickly and humanely.

Alternately, feed it corn for a week or so to clean it's system of the garbage it's been eating and then bake it with some sweet potatoes. :)

Cam19 4 years ago

Have been invaded by possums eating my fruit and veg in the garden. Mixed garlic and chilli in a spray bottle


They hate the smell and taste of chilli/ was a wonderful way to get rid of them without harming them with chemicals or weapons. There is always a way without injuring.

KDW 4 years ago

Just use the trapping method, worked every time I tried it. What is the deal with your guys' itchy trigger finger? Yes the feces does stink and they make a mess, but it's not like it takes a rocket scientist to trap them and take them to a nearby park and release them. Call me a gay hippie if you want but Mitch Cumstein, Cat Thomas, and everyone who says to kill them (especially Mitch and Cat), try to think from their perspective, they're hungry, their kids are hungry so they go out to find what they can. They're like little kids; they don't know what they're doing is annoying they just know they need to get the food in that giant canister. By your logic, kids that make messes trying to get to their food should be punished in the same manner. Everything has a right to live no matter what species, race, or gender, or orientation. Let's see you do what you do in front of a police officer. Won't be as entertaining then will it?

John Lucier profile image

John Lucier 4 years ago

I just want to comment that while I think trap and release is fine for those with the rare problem, if they are a real nuisance then obviously there is a population problem in your area and there is logic to the solution of culling the herd. While you may rightfully disagree with his rhetoric Mitch Cumstein said a lot of things that needed to be said about you idiot tree huggers. Life is about balance, if the world were only full of tree huggers OR right wing gun nuts it would be a mess.

This was priceless:

"please do us all a favor, find a bridge and swan dive into a pool of knives you worthless hippie."

But to all you "be nice to the possums" I had a "cute" young adult possum in my house a few weeks ago, and took the advice of another site to be quiet, make it dark and he'd leave. Well he did. Today he's back in my living room hiding under a table and won't leave no matter what I do. Why? Because I was nice to him and he didn't learn to stay the **** away from humans and my house. So as far as I'm concerned it's HIS bad for coming into MY territory and I'm only sad I don't have a pellet gun to end this frustration and have my house to myself again. They are varmints and a nuisance and while they have a right to live so do I and I'm not trying to camp out in HIS living room am I?

I'm going out there now with a big stick and I can't help but hope the outcome is possums 0 man and his castle, 1.

John Lucier profile image

John Lucier 4 years ago

Update, before I was able to go out there with a 2x4 and pound my way to a good night's sleep I cleared a path toward the back door and he finally came out- but again didn't want to leave the house, I had to guide him out as he tried a detour to stay inside. So you tree huggers rejoice and pray to your smelly ugly varmint God, another possum lives to ugly up someone's day once more.

A curious note- he wouldn't come out from his hiding place under a table no matter what, poked at him, shook the table, he stayed put. Then the neighbor's cat that comes around daily for a snack came inside (they don't seem to acknowledge each other more than curiosity) and I was talking to the cat and the possum seemed a little more comfortable about coming out- as if he figured since I didn't kill the cat I wouldn't kill him either?

Anyway figure the best way to get a possum out of your house is to line a clear path to the way he came in with boards or boxes or whatever, and leave him alone. I have a wireless camera I set up and watched from the other room and once he came out and passed by the camera I popped out behind him and made sure he went where I wanted him to and he scurried out the door quick.

bonnie 3 years ago

I don't know why someone said they don't did holes and they are not aggressive, because neither is true. I live by a wooded area and get them every year. The good thing is my little dog is quite the ratter and eventually they get tired of her and leave.

Kkp 3 years ago

I killed a possum. Damn thing charged my dog. They really are zombie rats.

jason eton 3 years ago

Possums most certainly do dig. They leaves hundreds of small holes in your lawn from digging for worms. Armadillos can do this too, but you had better believed possums do it.

JOhn 3 years ago

.22 LR subsonic hollow point. 'Possum problem fixed.

K Man 3 years ago

throw them a garbage bin full of water and drown them

possums's for peace 3 years ago

I think we have a thing or two to learn from the opossum

Pop 3 years ago


lulu 2 years ago

I like the one who said kill them

kax 2 years ago

OK I've had one living here outside for over 3years. Last year she had babies. I only seen them twice. I'm assuming this is the same one. All our neighbors have cats including me so it has plenty of food. I bring my cat food inside at night. I've used the moth balls. Ammonia and cleaned out everything possible outside. Unsure of were its hiding its sneaking b ut loves our cat. I've caught them sitting on the porch togetheWhat will make it leave. Not trapping it I'm to scared

steve 18 months ago

my dog (female chow) has brought in and dropped a possum at my feet while I was watching TV twice in last three weeks, once she does this she goes and lye's down to rest, thinking I should be proud of what she has done. Meanwhile I end up chasing the zombie rat in the living room, until I trap it with a shovel and broom. My wife was screaming on top of the couch. Again just yesterday as I was getting ready for work my dogs were looking behind my sofa, this is at 5am. So I find another one and its not happy to see me, it was by the fireplace so I used the poker and shovel to get it, I thought I killed it, put it the trash can, but two days later it was still alive. My wife says she's going to hotel if am not home, what a mess. How do I stop my dog from hunting them and bringing them in the house, help

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