How to Get Rid of a Fox

At certain point we all have a problem with pests in our gardens. But some people feel some connection with the nature when gardening. They want to overcome the problem of those pests and they also do not want to harm the critters in doing so. What are the humane types to overcome from the problem of garden pests? You should make them uncomfortable in some way but it should not be painful to them. You can try some repellents to scare the pests away from your garden. You can also use scents from predators such as fox urine. But it will repel only certain type of garden pests and the repellent can also wash away, if the rain comes. You can also try another kind of repellent such as pepper on the surface of the plant. But it means that deer or some other animals will eat some of your plants. Another idea is to stand guard at your garden with the simple garden hose with a attached sprayer. You can surely scar off the most persistent of pests; you can suddenly spray on them when they approached to your garden. If you consistently do this work for few weeks, then the pest would get frustrated and they will move on to other places. This kind spray will work with all kinds of pest like dogs, deer, cats, herons and armadillos. If you set this work to be an automated to work both at night and day, then it will surely be an organic pest control and it would be an effective repellent for all kinds of garden pests. Foxes cause many problems like it carries diseases such as rabies. Foxes eat small animals like chicken and it can also attack smaller dogs. For fox control coming in your garden or to your house, you have to use ultra sound emitters. These machines can emit only low frequency and this sound can be heard only by fox and other animals. This sound repels the fox and it will cause the fox to leave that place. You have to rip an old bed sheet in to stripes and soak in ammonia. You have to block all the other exists in the garden and in the house except one. The scent of the ammonia will repel the fox and it causes the fox to leave from other exit. You can also pour some mothballs, it has a scent which foxes dislike and they will run away from the scent. You can also catch the fox with a special fox trap. Fox traps are the most effective and safest way to get rid of fox problems. You can also set up the fox trap near the entrance of our house or in the garden and you have to bait with the food which is left over. The fox goes inside the trap to get food and the trap will close around the animals. You can use this trap for the fox removal. By using these methods you can have fox control in your area.

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MarleneB profile image

MarleneB 3 years ago from Northern California, USA

You list some wonderful ideas here. It seems like the safest and most effective for my situation would be to use offending scents. I'll try your amonia idea. Thanks!

Ben Clarke 2 years ago

One thing this article omits is to try and establish where the fox gains access to your garden. Foxes are creatures of habit and will normally enter at the same place. The entry point is the best place to target with your chosen fox repellent, as it will put them on alert even before they've come into your garden, increasing the likelihood of them keeping away. Also a good alternative to ammonia is Scoot Fox repellent, which also targets a fox's sense of smell. A good article on how and why Scoot works is here:

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