Growing Square Watermelons

Grow square watermelons for fun!

Ready to get creative in the garden this Spring? It's fun and easy to grow fruit and vegetables in containers (just take a look at Bob Ewing's fantastic vegetable garden in containers).

However, if you have the room and you're up for a creative gardening experience that's truly unique, consider trying something a little bit different, like growing square watermelons!

Why square? Why not! This is a great little project that the whole family can participate in.

If you've ever wanted to get your kids interested in helping out with the gardening, growing square watermelons is one way to entice them! 

In addition to having fun, watermelons are a great source of vitamins and minerals. They also provide powerful antioxidants. If watermelon is a favorite fruit of yours, read about all of its wonderful health benefits.

How to Grow a Square Watermelon:

A watermelon will take the shape of a square if it's grown on the vine in a square container.

It must remain in the square container, otherwise it will grow in its natural state (oval).

There are only a few things required to grow your watermelon:

  • Watermelon seeds
  • A square container
  • Plenty of sunshine and water!

Grow Watermelons from seed:

Watermelons show best results when planted from seed outdoors in full-sun. This heat-loving annual fruit does not take well to being replanted.

In other words, you'll be lucky if your watermelon plant survives the transplant if you sow seeds indoors.

Plant your watermelon seeds outdoors 2-3 weeks after the last frost. Ideally, the ground should be 65 degrees F. Seeds should be planted about one inch deep in soil. Sew two to three seeds per hole.

Growing from the Vine: Once your watermelons begin to grow from the vine, you can transplant them into your square container.

Do not place the container over the watermelon, place the watermelon into the container. Do not conver the container. Your watermelon must be able to "breathe."

Watermelons have a long growing season, so try to be patient! Just look forward to the final outcome: a square watermelon for everyone to enjoy!

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Comments 14 comments

Bob Ewing profile image

Bob Ewing 8 years ago from New Brunswick

This could be a fun family project.

futonfraggle profile image

futonfraggle 8 years ago Author

I'm dying to try it, but I still have snow on the ground!!! I know watermelons need a long season.

MT Head profile image

MT Head 8 years ago from New York

Did you end up trying this? I'm thinking a square melon would fit in the fridge better too : )

futonfraggle profile image

futonfraggle 8 years ago Author

Nahhh....Saskatchewan weather doesn't make for good watermelons = (

Lisa Nance profile image

Lisa Nance 8 years ago from North Carolina Mountains

I can't wait to try this in the spring. Thank you for such an original hub! Love it!!

cashmere profile image

cashmere 7 years ago from India

I did not even know they existed in that shape or that it was possible to grow them in squares.

Very interesting. I'm going to make this a project with my son.

futonfraggle profile image

futonfraggle 7 years ago Author

I thought it was pretty far out, too. Apparently square watermelons are the craze in China. I've read quite a few blogs about them. People pay good money for watermelons just because they're square. If anyone decides to grow a square watermelon, please take pictures.

Disturbia profile image

Disturbia 7 years ago

I think everyone should know how to grow square watermelons!

chicano 5 years ago

im gonna try this in my garden this year lol.

Sunny 4 years ago

Awesome! I saw pictures of square watermelons, but I thought that they were fake, plastic. Unbelievable, but now, believable!

Voted up, interesting, awesome, and useful.

ria 4 years ago

I'm totally doing that

Emily 4 years ago

What containers should we use?

futonfraggle profile image

futonfraggle 4 years ago Author

A medium-sized, square/cube container should do just fine, Emily.

Thanks for the feedback & comments, everyone.

LeslieOutlaw profile image

LeslieOutlaw 3 years ago from South Carolina

This sounds like a fun experiment for my hubby. He loves tending to the gardening and the idea of square watermelons is awesome :) Nice hub.

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