How to Grow an Avocado Tree from Seed


Planting an Avocado Tree from Seed

The avocado is a tropical plant that can grow up to 70 feet. While you may not be able to grow a full blown avocado tree and you may not want to, you can still grow the same tree as a house plant. If you live in a warmer climate, you can try growing avocados in your back yard but you have to start somewhere. It is easy to grow an avocado seed to plant. Here is how you can grow your own avocado trees from seed.

What you will need

1 ripe avocado

A sharp knife

1 small glass or glass container

Several sheets of paper towel


  1. Slice the ripe avocado lengthwise all around. Using your fingers on both hands, pull both halves of the avacado away from the seed. If you have difficulty getting the seed out, use a knife or spoon to scoop it out.
  2. With a vegetable brush, clean the seed of all flesh, rinse and pat dry with paper towel.


 3. Take several sheets of paper towels together and fold to fit inside the glass all around the sides.

4. Pour enough water in the container to completely saturate the paper towel and drain off excess.


5. Place the seed toward the bottom of the glass, between the inside glass and the paper towel.

6. Place the glass in a cool dry place checking daily to ensure the towel remains moist. If dry add more water and follow instructions in #4 . Take care not to dislodge the seed.

7. Within a few weeks you will start to notice a crack in the seed and the emergence of a plant over the next few days. Once the sprout is established , transplant into a pot.


You may have to make server transplants over the next few weeks as the avocado grows quite rapidly. If you are keeping the plant indoors ensure that it gets sufficient sunlight. You may also need to stake it.




Removing the seed from an avacado

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Anne 4 years ago

I'm going to try this :)

Joan King profile image

Joan King 4 years ago Author

I should warn you it can become addictive and before you know it you have more avocado plants than you need.

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