How to Install Adhesive Backed Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl Floor Tiles

Items you will need

* Vinyl tiles

* Pencil
* Tape Measure
* Chalk line
* Marker
* Straightedge
* Wire cutting scissors


Vinyl floor tiles are an inexpensive option for covering your floors. In addition, vinyl tiles are easy to install yourself by following some simple instructions. With a myriad of color choices, patterns and designs, you are sure to find a suitable vinyl tile for application in any room in your home.

The first step is to snap grid lines. Measure out from both ends of the longest wall to the center of the room and mark. Continue measuring and marking lines in order to create a grid.

Start in the center of the room, peel the backing off the tile and lay the tile in place.

Position the tile. Remove the backing from each piece of tile, and position each tile utilizing the grid lines. Use the grid lines as a guide. If you have two different colors of tile, alternate them to create a checkerboard pattern.

Mark for partial pieces of tile. Most layouts will require that you cut some tile. Place the tile to be cut on the last one secured to the floor. Mark the tile to be cut where it meets the last full tile.

Mark the cutline. Use a straightedge and marker to join the marks on the back of the tile to be cut.

Cut the tile. Use wire cutting scissors to cut the tile and backing along the mark.

Position the partial tile. Remove the self adhesive backing from the partial tile and press in place.

If necessary, install custom molding to hold the tile in place. This also provides a more finished look.

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mulberry1 profile image

mulberry1 6 years ago

I have ceramic tile but it has ongoing problems with coming loose. We are considering removing it and going with Vinyl tile. Specifically Dura Ceramic withOUT the grout. (it has the beveled edge) Do you know if it presents significant problems with getting dirt in the grooves that is hard to remove?

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