How to Maintain Wicker Bedroom Furniture

Whenever it comes to wicker bedroom furniture, only the best will do. Because
real wicker furniture is made from materials that are prone to various weather
phenomena it is very important that you try the very best you can to take care
of it. The high price of such furniture requires that you practice the utmost
care whenever you are in close contact with it, whether it is outdoor furniture
or good old indoor furniture. Read on further to learn more about how you
maintain this kind of furniture.

Basic Maintenance Tips

Using soap and water to clean your wicker will require you to take the
furniture outside. Once the soap and water have been applied to the wicker with
a piece of cloth, you can then take your hose and hose it off with a hosepipe
that has a nozzle attachment for spraying purposes. However, be sure to take
note of not disturbing the weave patterns on your furniture otherwise it will
be disfigured due to the wetness on it. But do not worry if it sags because
this sagging is a natural consequence of wicker, it will fall back into shape
without requiring you to take it anywhere for repair, you simply have to leave
it outside to dry out. After you have done this, you should take
a dry cloth, dry the wetness off the furniture and leave it to dry out for at
least 2 days.

For mold stains ordinary water and soap will not do a good enough job.
Moderately powerful bleach will surely work wonders for you when you use it
with a solution for cleaning water. In order to remove any tough mold stains a
soft bristled brush, like a toothbrush, will do the job. As for stains of
mildew, this will also suffice. With that done you can then rinse the white
wicker furniture and wicker drawers with water and let it dry before using it

Dust can accumulate very easily, thereby resulting in a distasteful and
uncomfortable appeal whenever you sit down to a conversation or a meal.
Vacuuming is perfect for eliminating dust and dirt particles that may become
trapped in crevices and cracks. However, sometimes the stains can be stubborn,
thus requiring you to use a bristled brush to remove dirt, dust and debris. You
must also remove wicker furniture cushions while you are at it.

Why Is It Important To Maintain Wicker Regularly

Real wicker, unlike the fake type, is very sensitive to various forms of
weather. This is primarily because of the fact that real wicker is made from
materials that are close to wood. On the other hand, fake wicker is made from
high-density polyethylene, a material that is extremely hard. Because fake
wicker is made from hard plastic means, it does not absorb moisture very
easily, if at all it does. Therefore, at the end of the day you will need to be
more careful with it than you would with fake wicker.

Therefore, if you neglect these basic maintenance tips you might see yourself
losing your hard-earned money.


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