How to Make Door Window Curtains, With Beads!

Beautiful Beaded doorway
Beautiful Beaded doorway | Source

How to Make Door Window Curtains,Easy Step by Step Guide

Door window curtains can be a tricky affair because they are kind of long and thus drape fabrics and curtains don’t always do the trick. However, you can learn how to make door window curtains the easy way using beads and other similar materials. This works because it is not very wispy, yet lhas a both stylish and elegant appearance.

Here are some steps you could follow for making your own door window curtain at home-

How to Make Door Window Curtains, Measuring
How to Make Door Window Curtains, Measuring

How to a Make Door Window Curtains, Step 1


The first step involved in making bead curtains would be to choose the right design. You can opt for multi-colored beads or even opt for smaller bird shaped ones or other shapes of your choice. Then arrange them in order, as per you would want them. Then intersperse them using colored straws.

How to Make Door Window Curtains, Step 2


This is a very vital step, no matter what kind of curtain you are making. Basically you need to take measurements of the door window, using both the length and the width. You can try an easy valance or even a three quarter length. These days ascending curves also look very nice.

How to Make Door Window Curtains, Step 3

Cutting the String

Next you need to cut the string and add a little extra length on each string because you need to tie knots. These can be done on either end by making loops. At top of the strings, an eye hook should be there.

Stringing the Beads
Stringing the Beads

How to Make Door Window Curtains, Step 4

Stringing the beads

Once you have tied the knots on the ends, this becomes the bottom of the curtain. You have to now thread your beads and straws on them. For this, do tie a knot at the other end, leaving some extra space to make a loop, which goes in to the eye hook. This is the curtain top.

Assembling Your Curtains
Assembling Your Curtains

How to Make Door Window Curtains, Step 5


Now you have to assemble the rod and attach brackets on this, wherever you will be hanging the curtains. Equidistant eye hooks should be added to them. You can mark the rod using a pencil and scale. Next, place the loops on the bead strands, into the eye hook. Then put the finished curtain into the rod brackets.

How to Make Door Window Curtains, Step 6


Last but not the least make some adjustments if required or as per your choice. Remember that you can make the length shorter if you feel or longer too. Keep the beads close or hang more layers if you want the beads curtain to be denser or rather make visibility less. Use your hands to pull them aside and walk in and out, for a final test.

How to Make Door Window Curtains, Tips & Tricks

  • When choosing the curtain beads, you can opt for colored strings with single or multi colored beads. It can be either see through or dense depending on your choice. Use them according to the light and visibility in the room.

  • Make sure that the knots are tied well. If in doubt, opt for double knots to prevent the curtain rod from getting loose.

  • The brackets of the rods should be sturdy, especially if you are using lots of beads.

  • Cup hooks can be used on top of the door window curtain instead of wooden ones with eye hooks.

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teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 2 years ago

I remember once we used bead curtains as a divider back in the 70's. I see that they are making a comeback and used much more creatively. I may have to consider it as a possible window treatment.

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