How to Plant a Container Herb Garden

Container Gardening


Container Herb Garden


Reasons to Plant a Container Garden

There are many reasons why creating a container herb garden might be the best choice for you. It could be an issue of space and sunlight. Your yard may be very small and offer little sunlight, which is necessary for your herb garden to be successful. You may have rabbits and deer, like I do, who will eat practically any edible plant you put in your yard. You may be unable to walk around your yard to gather your herbs and care for your garden for physical reasons. Or you might want the convenience and really just want to be able to take a few steps outside your kitchen to grab the herbs you need, while in the middle of cooking something delicious; fresh herbs always take recipes to the next level. Herb container gardeners satisfy the senses as well. They are beautiful to look at, they smell absolutely wonderful, and they create a relaxing zen-like, outdoor atmosphere for you and others to enjoy.

Instructions for Planting Your Own Herb Container Garden

  1. Choose a container that is suitable for the plant you want to grow. Consider its depth and width, so that when your plant is mature, it will have plenty of room to expand. If you are using a large container for several plants, be sure to give them ample space to grow.
  2. If your container does not have holes in its base, you will need to drill a few to allow water to drain well.
  3. Place your container in a sunny spot and fill the base with 1-2 inches of gravel. This layer will keep the roots from sitting in water and will also help to give weight to the container, which will prevent it from turning over as the plant gets taller or from the force of the wind.
  4. Fill your container with potting soil, leaving about an inch of space below the rim of the container. This space will leave room for watering your plant, without it running over.
  5. Make a hole in the soil and place the roots of your plant below the soil. Pat the soil down firmly around the stem of the plant. Place a layer of shredded mulch on top of soil, keeping it a couple of inches away from the stem of the plant. This will hold moisture in the soil, and will give eye-appeal.
  6. Water your plant thoroughly on the first day. After that, depending on the weather, you will need to water container plants at least weekly, and during dry periods, more often.

An Already-Made Container System: The Earth Box

The Earth Box caught my eye when a neighbor showed me his deck. He had four of these large containers filled with enormous tomato plants that he grew from seed. I was very surprised at how healthy they were and at the amount of fruit they were capable of producing. I went ahead and purchased an Earth Box for my deck. That summer I had delicious tomatoes and it was wonderful.

After using it, I realized I could make my own version of the Earth Box and spend a little less. There was no secret to this product. However, if you do not feel like creating your own, now offers the Earth Box at half the price that I paid for it. They now also offer several options to choose from, such as a mini-garden stacking containers, and a junior Earth Box kit. They also have several accessories such as a trellis, stand, and staking system.

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eHealer profile image

eHealer 4 years ago from Las Vegas

You have rabbits and deer? How cool is that! I would love to plant a herb garden. Thanks for the detailed and organized information. Voted up!

Rosie writes profile image

Rosie writes 4 years ago from Virginia Author

Unlike most of my neighbors, I love seeing the deer. However, there are not many plants that they won't eat, so I've had to adapt. Thanks for reading eHealer!

Written Up profile image

Written Up 4 years ago from Oklahoma City, OK

Great hub! I love my herb garden and just some new plants (chives) to expand. I'll be planting tomorrow.

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