How to Recycle Left over Chicken Wire

Building a chicken coop can leave lots of spare parts once complete, such as chicken wire. Before you throw that excess wire into a landfill, try recycling it with some of these great ideas!

Supplies you will need for these projects: chicken wire, a good pair of wire cutters, staple gun and staples, leftover wood, sandpaper, and paint (optional).

Build a pie cabinet. Display your treats, dishes, or special knick knacks in style. If you have spare wood in addition to some chicken wire, try building a country style pie cabinet. An existing cabinet can be used, or you can build one from scratch. For the doors of the cabinet create an open frame. Using the excess chicken wire secure the wire across the opening creating a sort of “window” to look into the cabinet. With some distressed painting as the final touch you’ve got the perfect display for your kitchen or living room. This same idea can be applied for any type of cabinet. Replace the traditional style cabinets in your kitchen by applying this method for a unique and homey look.

A new take on a bulletin board or jewelry display. Put a new spin on the standard cork bulletin board by using chicken wire and clothespins! Using an old wood style picture frame remove the glass and backing. Paint the frame if you’d like or leave the original style. Use a staple gun to secure the chicken wire to the back of the frame, trimming off the excess. Hang your pictures, artwork, and other fun items from your new “bulletin” board using clothes pins. This can also be used as a unique way to display your jewelry!

Keep critters out of your garden. Here’s a useful idea for those with a garden - create a sort of barrier to help keep unwanted animals from digging! Critters can wreak havoc on a garden if not properly protected. Animals love digging, so help protect your plants by installing chicken wire under plants. Place chicken wire across the dirt, carefully securing it so it will not move, then plant your flowers through the openings in the chicken wire. Convenient, simple, and easy to use.

Create lawn ornaments. If you’re really creative and have the patience, you can mold the excess chicken wire into funky and fun lawn décor. Chicken wire is strong enough to bend and keep its shape as well as stand up to the weather. Twist and shape your chicken wire into animals, stars, and even into a Christmas tree for the holidays complete with holiday décor. Best of all, during the night time it’ll appear as if the holiday décor is almost floating – how fun!

And of course, you could always just recycle. Chicken wire can still be recycled at many facilities that accept metal. Check with your local recycling centers to confirm they accept chicken wire.

There are numerous things you can do with extra chicken wire, but whatever direction you take be sure to always handle the wire carefully. Fingers should be kept protected and always tread carefully when handling jagged or sharp wire.

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