How to Register Your Maytag Appliance


The Registration Process

I recently purchased a Maytag brand dryer from Home Depot. Once it was delivered I wanted to make sure I registered my appliance. Along with my dryer came a manual and a perforated card I could fill out and mail in to register my product. I chose to register my product online to keep my personal information a bit more personal. I found the website location listed on the paperwork and proceeded to register my dryer online. The website given is (easy enough) only that link takes you to an insurance site. I found no website connected to the information in my paperwork that let me register my dryer. I ended up going to the Maytag site-, clicking on chat, and talking with a live person. I simply asked the customer service representative to register my appliance. She seemed happy to do it, I then gave her the model and serial number, date and place of purchase. Once I had acknowledgment from her that my product was registered, I thanked her. I then hit print to print out the entire chat which I then attached to my store receipt. The entire chat took 5 minutes of my time. Success!

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Ken 4 years ago

I know....this is frustrating.....something should be done!!!!

Robert 3 years ago

Just went through this, ended up mailing the registration card, I spent about an hour trying to register my product through the Maytag site, I am now skeptical about how the customer service relating to any service the appliance may need. Hoping I will not regret the purchase.

cpa2008kim profile image

cpa2008kim 3 years ago Author

Robert, sorry to hear you went through so much trouble trying to register. I did check and make sure the chat feature was still available and I clicked it and a customer service representative did respond. She stated I could use this feature to check on any orders I have, service needed and updates. I love my Admiral dryer and use it several times a day with no problems whatsoever yet.. However the customer rep assured me if I would have a problem to click on the chat button on the Maytag site on top of the page just left of the word Maytag next to Contact Us and she would be happy to address them. I did see a feature under Service and Support where one could register their product, I like you went through this long process a few years back. When I purchased this dryer I chose to use the Chat feature and it went so much better. Hope this helps!

duff 3 years ago

same thing happened to me. Mad as hell.

cpa2008kim profile image

cpa2008kim 3 years ago Author

Duff, I hope you took my suggestion and used the chat feature on the Maytag site. I don't know why we cannot register with the information provided at purchase? The work around I have discovered has worked very well for some, myself included.

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cpa2008kim 17 months ago Author

I have re-checked the site and clicked upper left hand Chat feature and live chat began. Verified 9/28/2015 as a way to register your Maytag appliance.

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