Tips to Remember Where You Placed Your Keys: Never Lose Your Keys Again


Keys are very easy to lose and sometimes can be very difficult to find. Losing your keys can be very stressful, frustrating, and time consuming. Often one does not even know the keys are missing until it is time to leave for work, or school, or some other appointment when there is no time to spare. Whether it is the keys to your car, house, or apartment they are very important. This article will give you a few points to help you remember your keys.

Put Keys In Same Place

The first and most important thing that you can do to be sure you can remember your keys is to put them in the same place every single day. This may be tough at first but once you do this you will find that you will no longer loose your keys. This is simple a habit and it must for formed. Forming a habit can be difficult but once you do it remembering your keys will be simple.

Designate A Clean Spot

You must designate a space that is only for your keys and will not get lost in other clutter.

Use A Key Rack

A key rack is the best place to hang your keys. They will be easy to find and easy to pace there.

Put the Keys Close to The Door

Pick a place close to your door where it will be easy to remember to put them there and find them.

Use Reminder Notes

To remember to do this you can place notes around your house or by your door to remind you to place the keys in the same place every day.

Purchase A Key Finder

A key finder is the easy way to solve the key losing problem. If you lose your keys then you can just use the device to find them. These are an any solution to a common and tough problem. Just don't lose the locator remote.

Keep ID With Keys

Another helpful way to remember your keys is to keep them with your ID or wallet. There are different types of ID holders and wallets that you can buy that have a key chain attached. This will help simplify your life because you will only have to keep track of one item instead of two.

Organize Your Life

A common key loss problem is not that the keys are misplaced but that they are placed in a room or area where there is so much junk that they cannot be found. If your space is unorganized and cluttered this may be the source of your problem. You will need to get organized and clean up everything else before you will remember where your keys were located.

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Bumpsysmum profile image

Bumpsysmum 3 years ago from Cambridgeshire

Oh yes! I have ocd when it comes to things like keys but my fella is always losing his, yet he scoffs when I go on at him about it despite him getting really wound up when he loses them! No rationality there. He's a lost cause. Good Hub.

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