How to Seed a New Lawn

When you are thinking about seeding a new lawn you will need to take into account the weather conditions in the area that you live and how much time you have available for maintenance. Some of the newly developed grass seeds are drought resistant which, as well as being ideal for areas with very little rainfall are also very low maintenance so would be better for someone who either has little time or is not able to water or mow their lawn easily.

Different types of grasses grow at different rates so how long it will take for your new grass to be ready to walk on will depend on the type and the combination of grass seed that you used. You should also look at the types of seed available as and you can buy both shade and sunny grass seed so be sure to choose the right one for your lawn. Some popular makes of grass seed include Pennington and Scott's grass seed.

How To Prepare The Area

Prior to seeding the lawn you need to prepare the area correctly. The spot you have chosen must be dug thoroughly and the stones removed and sizeable clods broken up. Rake the area and compress gently with your feet. The surface can then be scratched lightly to make channels for the seeds.

How to Seed Your Lawn

There are two systems used to seed a lawn, manually and by the use of a machine. To seed with a machine, weigh out the amount of seed blend needed for the area then place half into the machine and seed by working up and down the area in strips. At the end of every strip, to prevent over seeding, you could cover the ground with some plastic or close off the holes in the machine. You might use canes placed in the earth or garden twine to guide you. At this point put the balance of the seeds into the seeding machine and, operating perpendicular to the original rows, finish off seeding the lawn.

If you are manually seeding the lawn it's a good plan to break up the area into pieces of a square meter by means of thread and sticks. Assess the amount of lawn seed you need for each section, weight this out and place in a small container. Notice approximately how much this is so that you won't need to repeat the weighing every time. Uniformly sow the first segment, setting seeds in each directions so that they are applied evenly. Now replenish the pot to about a similar height as before and sow the next segment. Carry on until the whole lawn area is finished.

When the whole area has been finished rake over lightly and irrigate thoroughly.Throughout the following week to fourteen days make certain that you water regularly if is does not rain. The seedlings will start to come through in this time.

When to Mow Your New Lawn

As soon as the grass seedlings are around 6 cm high you may mow the lawn for the first time preferably with a rotary mower. Carefully gather lawn clippings or use a rake and be cautious not to disturb the young seedlings.

Scotts Company Seed Classic Fall Grass Seed Mix
Scotts Company Seed Classic Fall Grass Seed Mix

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Seeding a lawn is not difficult and will be much cheaper than using turf. You will also have a stronger, healthier lawn although it will take longer for the seedlings to mature.

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