How to Soundproof Ceilings

Are you ready to soundproof your home but find yourself a little bit put off by the daunting task of soundproofing your ceilings? If so, put your anxieties aside. Soundproofing the ceiling, in any room, is incredibly easy to do and will prevent you from hearing the sounds made in the rooms above you.

Soundproofing the ceiling in a room that is currently under construction is sometimes more effective but you do not need to gut your entire room to get the job done. We'll assume, for this example, that the ceiling has not been sealed yet - and then we'll tell you how to make modifications for a room that is already complete.

Soundproofing a Ceiling Under Construction

Soundproofing a ceiling in a room that is still under construction is sometimes more effective becuase you have access to the inside of the ceiling before it is sealed. Here are the steps you'd need to take:

  1. Cut your drywall into strips small enough to fit between each of your ceiling joists. Apply some Green Glue to the strips and screw the drywall to the subfloor above you.
  2. Fill the spaces between the joists with fiberglass batting. Take special care to cover any recessed lighting.
  3. Attach a set of whisper clips to the joists and then install your hat channel by running it through the clips.
  4. Using standard drywall screws, install your drywall ceiling to the hat channels you created in the previous step.
  5. Get another layer of drywall, apply another layer of Green Glue, and screw the new layer to the drywall you just installed.
  6. Grab some acoustical caulk and use it to seal the seams between the layers of drywall and around the sides of the ceiling.
  7. Finish the ceiling by spackling, painting, and installing your lighting fixtures.

This project has quite a few steps and layers. If you're on a budget, you can certainly eliminate a few steps (like the first layer of drywall and Green Glue mentioned in Step #1).

Alternative Soundproofing Methods

Soundproofing a Ceiling in a Completed Room

You will, of course, want to do something a bit simpler if you're looking to soundproof a room that has already been finished. If that's teh case, all you need to do is gather some Green Glue damping compound, enough drywall to cover your existing ceiling, and some acoustical caulk. Apply the Green Glue to the drywall, screw the drywall over your existing ceiling, and seal the seams with acoustical caulk. Repaint the ceiling and reinstall your light fixtures for a room that is freshly painted and quiet.

Soundproofing your ceiling is a project you'll never regret finishing, whether you live in a house, condo, or even an apartment. The sounds of heavy footsteps, sliding furniture, and kids playing games will soon be a thing of the past - and you'll appreciate the fruits of your labors.

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thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

terrific idea hub write its good thanks

georgegeller profile image

georgegeller 6 years ago from LA

Lots of useful information.

But I don’t think the footfall will be reduced completely. What if I use a layer of foam and a layer quietwood on the floor as mentioned here

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