How to Stage a Kitchen in a Home for Sale

Get the best price for any house by staging.

If appliances are going to be part of the sale package, get them gleeming. polish and shine like crazy. Clean out the freezer and remove the sticky notes out front.
If appliances are going to be part of the sale package, get them gleeming. polish and shine like crazy. Clean out the freezer and remove the sticky notes out front. | Source
Staging an entire home is part of getting the job done when you put a house on the market.
Staging an entire home is part of getting the job done when you put a house on the market. | Source
Getting the best possible price for a house is what every homeowner wants when and if they decide to sell. Staging makes a big difference in lots of cases of the bottom line in a sale.
Getting the best possible price for a house is what every homeowner wants when and if they decide to sell. Staging makes a big difference in lots of cases of the bottom line in a sale. | Source

Show off those granite countertops and new tile flooring. Showcase the assets found in your kitchen

Staging the kitchen in a home for sale is not a difficult task. In fact, this is probably one of the easiest rooms to makeover for a presentable atmosphere for potential buyers. In fact, it shows the home in the best light possible. Take a look at what changes or modifications to make which add to the buying appeal for any home. A kitchen is a room important enough to make or break a sale.

Whenever sellers search for ways to get a better selling price or faster buy, there are a number of different opinions shared. There are a variety of videos and written content advising a seller to unclutter the home with special attention paid to the kitchen.

Besides getting rid of the clutter, several other things to be done will show a kitchen in the best light possible. Simply putting out an air freshener is involved in staging to sell a house. Follow these tips to take care of staging this particular room in a home for sale to make it just right.


Cleaning is the first step in getting the job done. This means scrubbing behind the refrigerator and stove, dusting ceiling fans, washing the light fixtures and a thorough crackdown on dirt and grime over all surfaces. Look on top of the fridge and get it as well.

Scrub not only your kitchen table, but take care of the chairs too. Scour the chairs and the legs along the way. Get inside and outside of the dishwasher and put fresh paper in the cupboards. Polish it until it shines.

If no major changes are being made to the floor, such as replacing it, make it shine. There are tons of homes with open concept kitchens with hardwood floors. These are connected to the living or dining areas. One option to consider is hiring professionals to clean.

Another important area which is missed are the walls. Cooking releases steam, grease from frying and other smells and stains. Either scrub these down with an extremely hard cleaning agent or even paint.


Organizing for staging is not always choosing a personal choice of how to arrange things. A large part of organization countless sellers fail at is reconfiguring apparatuses and devices in the room. Think of what the average person hopes to see in this room.

Get rid of can openers and toasters simply sitting out on the counter. If the rice cooker is something used often never fail to put it out of sight when you are showing the kitchen to prospective buyers.

Everything shoved into a cupboard or drawer is not the answer. Guests would never dare to look through all of the cupboards and drawers while they visit, but a potential person looking to buy certainly will. This means an alternate plan to put these out of the way is needed.

When storing these items box them up and put them in the basement for now. Although it will be inconvenient to take the extra step to get them, it will look so much better and organized in the long run.

This is where less is more. They will see those special handles on the cupboards and the custom blinds hanging from windows. This adds to a selling bottom line.

Don’t try and hide it

Orderliness of your cupboards and drawers is important. This means under the sink and especially things included as part of the sale. If the fridge and dishwasher are being thrown in, make certain these are in order. Remove the reminder notes from the front of your refrigerator and clean out the freezer.

When you show your home there are no spaces off limits and everything will eventually be seen. If the first person didn’t look inside of the fridge the third or fourth certainly will take a peek. With this in mind, make certain there is no area you want to hide. Imagine every person walking through will look everywhere and keep it that way the entire time a house stays on the market.

Not having anything to hide or any place you hope they will not look makes you more relaxed for each one coming through the space. Fingers are not crossed during every showing in the hopes they will not look over or under a certain area you have not organized or left cluttered.

Some buyers are so distracted by disorderliness they will never see anything else.


Remember they need to see what this kitchen has that makes it shine. The granite countertops and other items to showcase must stand out. When you have these areas clean, shining and free of any distractions, they certainly will.

Add a touch of class by drawing attention to an area without overpowering the space is nice. Put out a fresh bouquet of flowers or a nice potted plant which compliments colors or designs.

If the floors make a kitchen noticeable or separates it from other homes on the market, make them shine. Wash and have them fresh every time someone is expected to view it. You can even rearrange furniture to make something appear more prominent and show the floor off. Even though the arrangement will not suit personal tastes it works for potential buyers in lots of cases.

These are factors to use for negotiating an asking price.

Get the little things done

As a homeowner there are always things to be done. It is past the time to put these off until tomorrow. Take care of any of this sort of business as soon as possible. Hire professionals if needed.

If you have put off fixing the disposal because it is hardly ever used, now is the time to take care of it. Take care of anything that needs to be fixed, corrected, repaired or even overhauled before showing a home. If things are broke and need to be thrown out or hauled away, now is the time to do it.

There are some things which are potentially expensive to restore or put to rights. If they do not distract much from the kitchen and the sale it is okay to delay. However, patching the hole in the wall or repainting like you planned more than six months ago are certainly worth taking care of now. Investing a little bit of money in these things will go a long way in resale and equity.

Its the little things they always seem to notice. Do not give them wiggle room on the asking price because you left something easy to complete in the undone status.

In conclusion

Staging the kitchen of your house for selling is not a difficult task. It is substantially easier with these simple and easy techniques in hand. In fact, a lot of the work is simply putting things to right. Following the simple techniques outline here will go a long way in getting a home sold and obtaining the price a buyer wants.

These are a couple of extras to note;

Take out the trash. No one wants to smell something not so nice while they are looking through the house. Do not make all of your hard work be for nothing if they are trying to run out of the house before you get a chance to show it off because of the trash smell.

Be careful with fragrances. Not everyone likes the same smells.

More advice on getting a kitchen staged

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