How to Decorate With Existing Colors in Your Home

Cobalt Blue
Cobalt Blue
Retro Green Bath
Retro Green Bath
Grey Floor Tile
Grey Floor Tile

Sometimes you want to redecorate a room, but the existing fixtures such as floor tile, carpet, or bathroom fixtures are an unattractive color. Often, it is too expensive to replace some of these existing items, but you still would like a new look. Counter tops in the kitchen or bath are another element that is often cost prohibitive to replace.There are ways to decorate with existing colors in your home, that are not expensive yet still have a big impact.

A simple way around this dilemma is to blend these more permanent fixtures into a new design by choosing paint colors, wallcoverings and accessories that carry more visual impact than the original fixture. In this manner, the existing fixture, whether it be carpet, tile, bathroom fixtures or counter tops; will fade into the background.

For existing surfaces that are pastel in tone or neutral, you can pull attention away from them by introducing stronger or brighter colors into the space. For brighter colored fixtures, you can opt to soften their impact by adding in calmer colors to the design scheme.

Another option for decorating with existing colors in your home is to mimic the existing colors in subtle features such as wallcoverings or small accessories. This will help the existing fixtures become a more legitimate element in the overall design plan.

Bright elements such as cobalt blue can overtake a room. If you have a room with cobalt, dark blue carpet for instance, it can feel dark and overwhelming. Lighten up the space with neutrals. Paint walls a pale tan or taupe. Add small accessories such as candles, flowers, picture frames and mirrors that have been trimmed in off-white or a whitewash finish. Add soft touches like plush throws in a creamy beige, and plump pillows in a deeper khaki tone. Silver tones are also an excellent highlight with dark blue, and may be added with candlesticks or vases. Silver pieces help to reflect light and open up a space. A few deep blue accessories dotted throughout the space will balance the design scheme visually.

Often, older bathrooms feature oddly colored pastel fixtures, such as a light green tub, sink or toilet. Counteract this odd color with brighter or darker shades of the same color. Paint walls a dark green to draw the eye up and away from the fixtures. Add yellow accessories for a bright counterpoint. Use yellow towels, yellow guest soaps, and even a yellow accented wallpaper border to infuse the space with another color. Add white trim to add a clean look.You can embrace the retro look of old bathroom fixture, while updating and beautifying the space.

Gray or earth-toned tiles are commonly used in many homes to provide a neutral look underfoot. Unfortunately, the end result is that there is little visual excitement. Floor tiles that are grey in tone look beautiful when accented with strong colors such as black, white and red. Consider painting one wall in the room a vivid red for a strong focal point. Add black accessories such as drapes, towels or even appliances. The addition of the color white adds a clean look and can be used throughout a space by painting the trim, cabinets or even adding a white, plush rug. Red pillows, flowers and cushions add a punch of color to a grey toned background.

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