How to buy a washer and dryer

Selecting a washer and dryer is not as complicated as it may appear given the choices on the market. Having just spent a significant amount of time looking into it I have some advice to offer to anyone else looking:

First - The most important consideration is capacity. Capacity drives efficiecny for both a washer and dryer. By reducing the number of loads, you will be saving time and money (less water, gas and electricity).

Second - Unfortunately the appliance manufacturers have figured this out so the highest capacity washers and dryers also tend to be the ones with the most features. After a lot of research, I eliminated all the steam/advanced featureappliances. That is not to say one would not like them - but its not where I would spend my money. You can make an arguement you would save on dry cleaning bills but I am skeptical that theory will prove out in practice.

Third - Buy from somewhere with a good return and warranty policy. I would caution against internet retailers for large appliances bc if there is a problem you are the one dealing with the return. For whatever marginal savings you might get if any - you are better off with Sears or Bestbuy or Home Depot.

I ended up with the Electrolux high capacity machines. LG and Samsung I found to also be good alternatives - just smaller. With my large family, we wanted every last bit of capacity we could find.

Good hunting. Pls comment here if you have direct experience.

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