How to create a Beautiful Tropical Garden

A tropical garden is amongst the most beautiful one, and is a great treat for the eyes for any nature lover. They have lots of greenery with beautiful colored plants, which is relaxing, and at the same time attractive. If you too plan to set up a tropical garden, you need to be aware of the various plant choices you have.

Jasmine - you cannot miss the beautifully fragrant jasmine plants, when you think of tropical flowering shrubs. They have beautiful small whitish blooms. In summers your entire garden will get filled up with the sweet fragrance of jasmine. Make sure you take advice from a florist to end up buying the genuine jasmine plants.

Anthurium - it has more than 800 species, so the choice you have is endless. It is an herbaceous epiphyte, with colorful bracts and bright green foliage. The thick heart shape petal is known as spathe and the elongated fleshy area is known as spadix. Though they look great, they are highly poisonous.

Cana lily - though it known as cana lily, it is not actually a lily. It is a tropical flower, which is related closely to the ginger family. Its flowers looks pretty, without doubt, but its big glossy foliage makes it look even more attractive. It can grow in varied temperature conditions, even in the temperate climatic conditions.

Bougainvillea - this is amongst the hardiest tropical shrubs that also can be grown as vines. They are a perfect choice for hedges and borders as they can tolerate regular pruning and trimming. The flower is white in color and very small, and is enveloped by beautiful paper like bracts. There are many color choices you have, including magenta, orange, pink, white and purple.

Passiflora - also known as passionflower is a very unique tropical flower. You have more than 200 species to choose from, where some are herbaceous and others shrubs. It has beautiful shades of red, blue and white. Its fruit has a sweet taste and is edible.<br />
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These are just some of the flowers that you can plant in your tropical garden. You can even think about a theme for your garden, like Tropical Rain Forest or Tropical Island, and then add the complementary features to make it look perfect. Your garden can have a hut or a sitting area with some beautiful traditional furniture. A water feature, like tropical waterscapes, can also be added, to enhance the beauty of your garden. You can also add a grass carpet, to give it a perfect garden look.

Before anything else, you actually need to sit back and imagine your tropical garden. If you plan before hand, things will turn out exactly the way you desire. Think about the arrangements you can add, how much your budget allows you, and the color of flowers you would like in your garden. The tropical flowers come in beautiful colors, so arrange it in a way that your garden looks absolutely stunning. Select the best flowers, create your tropical garden in the most perfect way, and see how easily it grabs attention, and attracts compliments.

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toomuchmint 4 years ago

Jasmine's a lovely garden plant. Interesting hub.

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