How to create butterfly garden

If you are planning to grow a beautiful garden which will delight your eye every day I advise you to create a butterfly garden. Such garden can easily become your beloved place in the house where you can relax and receive pleasure watching these admirable creatures. Butterfly garden can be compared to a small oasis of perpetual enjoyment and relaxation in your own house.

How to create a perfect butterfly garden

Primarily visit library or study thoroughly Internet resources to identify butterflies native to your area. Only after that you will be able to decide which plants to grow in your garden as you’ll know which plants baby caterpillars like, which plants adult butterflies prefer and which plants they choose to lay their eggs on.

There is nothing challenging in growing a nice butterfly garden, you just have to know and take into account some key points. I’m going to pay attention to basics of creating the butterfly garden.

Choice of plants

As you are going to create a garden perfect for these beautiful creatures you need to make the garden attractive for butterflies and friendly for them to breed. First of all choose right plants for your butterflies. It’s better to choose plants that produce nectar throughout the summer, because these plants will continuously supply butterflies with nectar and they will visit your garden all the summer long. It is very important that plants bloom from the mid till late summer because butterflies are mostly active within this period of time.

Butterflies like sweet-smelling bright flowers with easy access to them. Also bear in mind that they prefer groups of flowering plants to single plants with several flowers. Among the flowers that are good for butterfly gardens there are asters, lilac, clovers, sweet pea, coneflowers, candytuft, etc. As for the herbs butterflies adore dill, parley and mint because all these herbs provide nectar for butterflies. But I remind that before you decide which plants to choose for your garden carefully study the plants that are preferred by species you want to attract. It is extremely important because some species are particular to certain plants, and they will lay their eggs only on these plants. While making a research on a particular type of butterfly species pay attention not only to the plants which butterfly-females choose to deposit their eggs on but also to which plants are preferred by their caterpillars.

How to create friendly environment for butterflies

I need to say that May and April are the best months for designing your butterfly garden. Choose for your butterfly garden a sunny windless place, it would be great to provide some kind of windbreak around the butterfly garden, so that butterflies won’t be disturbed by wind blasts. Do not forget that butterflies require shelters, natural and artificial ones. Shrubs are the best natural shelters for butterflies; they can hide in shrubs in rainy or windy weather. Besides caterpillars like to attach their cocoons in shrubs where they slowly pupate and become butterflies. For saving butterflies from storms you can also use different artificial appliances, for example you can build a green house or buy a butterfly house.

Butterflies prefer humid atmosphere. Shallow water sources are important first of all for male butterflies, because it is a source of amino acids and salt. If there are no natural puddles in your garden, you can arrange them on your own. Take any shallow bowl, put inside some sand and stones and add some water. If you arrange at least one such puddle, you’ll be enjoy the view of butterflies gathering at the edges of your puddles.

Butterflies are warm-requiring creatures. So by adding some stones to your butterfly garden you will supply them with continuous warmness. And even in the cool of the morning your butterflies will enjoy warmth of the stones in your butterfly garden.

Be also aware about pesticides. Don’t use pesticides in your butterfly garden and try to avoid them around the garden. Pesticides can kill butterfly larva and they certainly can harm adult butterflies.

Finally, I want to add that butterfly gardens are easy to create and look after, and besides such a garden will rejoice you not only with its beautiful flowers but also with charming butterflies flittering from flower to flower.

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